Where Is Dellor Today? Updates On The Rage Streamer.

Where Is Dellor Today Updates On The Rage Streamer.

Dellor is an ex-professional Overwatch esports player turned full-time streamer. It’s quite the controversial figure in the streaming world and most people know him as the “Rage Streamer”. As one would guess, he earned that name over the number of keyboards he broke over his head or the amount of screaming he does in-game.

If you never heard of Dellor before, you most likely have seen his “Rage Compilations” on YouTube. The popular streamer has had quite the journey in the past year and if you’re wondering where he is today, we have the answer.

Banned From Twitch

Roughly a year ago, Dellor received devasting news that he wouldn’t be able to stream on the most popular streaming platform in the world, Twitch. Due to the nature of his streams, they are deemed for mature audiences. Dellor had many episodes on his streams where he’d call out players, rage quit, and scream at that screen. But none of this is really that concerning to Twitch. What was concerning to them was the number of keyboards he would break. They deemed this as self-inflicting pain which they don’t want viewers to see this type of behavior. Dellor received warnings, but what really pushed him over the top was his last Twitch stream playing Apex Legends.

In the last stream, Dellor got frustrated with a teammate and took it out on her by hurling hate speech. He was immediately banned and since then, Twitch has never lifted the ban. Dellor tried to show good faith and reach out to the player that he screamed at, but she didn’t accept his apology. As well, Dellor was never able to get his subscriber button back and lost all of his subscribers. For Twitch streamers, this is where most of their earnings come from, followed by advertising revenue. Without Dellor’s bread and butter, he wasn’t going to be able to sustain his streaming career.

YouTube Gaming

After a few months of acting on his best behavior while streaming on Twitch, he never got his subscriber button back and it was a lost cause for him to continue to pursue any sort of streaming on a platform where he wasn’t making nearly as much as before. Dellor has since then moved to YouTube Gaming back in Oct 2019 and has a lot of success on the new streaming platform. Dellor had used YouTube to upload his content from Twitch, but now he streams exclusively on the platform and has been doing great ever since.

He has since apologized for his past behavior which can be seen here.

What is Dellor up to now?

Dellor is in good spirits, and seems to be doing just fine at his new home on YouTube. He’s been streaming the newest games ever since he moved to the platform exclusively and currently plays Call of Duty: Warzone. Despite the negative character he shows on his streams, he does have a good heart and gives back when he can. He’s recently donated to United Way, a nonprofit charity in New York which has been the state that was hit the hardest in this Coronavirus pandemic:

He’s a good person for doing that, but despite the generous act, his trolls still follow him wherever he goes as those who donated to him issued chargebacks which he won the claims anyways.

But what about Dellor’s financial situation? Is Dellor making money now to continue his streaming career? Well in a recent tweet, he put his haters to shame and showed off his daily earnings from the rev share with YouTube. His daily earnings averages around $36 – $580 which is definitely better than where he was last year when Twitch stripped him of his subscribers.

Dellor Net Worth
How Much does Dellor Make Streaming

Dellor’s in a much happier place now where he’s more engaged with his viewers than ever before, and he’s much wiser not to make mistakes like he did on Twitch. We’re sure he won’t return to the esports world to make a living playing in the Overwatch League.

Dellor Rage Streamer

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