Who is the Xbox Live Gamer Girl on the XBL Website?

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Ever go to the front page of Xbox Live and see the featured image? It shows two gamers going at it head-to-head. However, did you ever wonder who those two gamers were? We dug deep to do a little research ourselves.

Doing some research

So how many Xbox Live (XBL) members (subscribers) are there in the world? Any guesses? The big number is 48 million. This is what Microsoft is saying, and they also say that the number had an increase of 30% since last year which is pretty big. Of course, you need to remember that this takes into account both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Out of all the 48 million Xbox Live Subscribers in the world, I am sure that a good percentage of XBL gamers ended up on https://www.xboxlive.com. When you hit the site, you’ll see a bunch of different tabs like “Consoles” ,  “Games”, “Community” and so forth. If you have an Xbox Live account then you know this is where you go to sign-in and check on your status, or check on any activity in your account (since your console is linked to your online account). You can even respond to messages while away from your console. So what am I getting at… ??

The intense “gamer girl”

Yup, every time I log in I can’t help but see that strained face, so intense, so determined to kick the dudes a** in whatever game their playing (most likely a Call of Duty Game). So what’s my infatuation with the intense “gamer girl”? Nothing really.

But, I figured that the millions of users who continue to access xboxlive.com might have some curiosity who she is. She’s always there on the first page so it’s like she becomes one of your gaming buddies waiting for their turn in a street fighter tournament, or possibly taking turns playing Call of Duty :).

Well…. as it seems, she’s not just a regular gamer. She’s a commercial model that goes by the name of Tutu Dieu (Real name Tuyet Phuong Dieu). Would make sense as models are normally hired to be put on authority websites like Microsoft, or in this case, Xbox Live.


She’s a model managed by Indeed Model Management based out of Berlin. You can see her full profile here.

Tutu is also pretty active on Instagram. I mean if you’re a model and you don’t have instagram, then I believe there’s something going on lol. Either you’re hiding or you’re too good for instagram. I mean this is how she can get discovered for other types of gigs right? Post pictures of your modeling takes as well as market yourself in other ways.

Here’s the instagram post of her Xbox Live gig below:

If you’re interested in checking her Instagram account you can access it here: @minitutu

Here’s Tutu in the flesh. Talking about her passion for tattooing and how she got into it:

So the mystery has been solved. I bet you won’t be looking at the front page of Xbox Live the same way now will you lol. It’s always cool to do a little more digging and see the business side of things from Microsoft. Probably the head of Xbox Live asked the XBL marketing director to find two models for their newly revised XBL website. I wonder if the marketing director’s team placed an ad for the gig and Indeed Model Management applied to the gig and submitting Tutu and others who were interested to model for “anything gaming”.

Some of you might ask, “Ok…. you found out who the gamer girl model is, but what about the guy model?”. Trust me, I searched and couldn’t find anything. MY guess is that he is an employee for Xbox and was asked to step in and put on his regular game face on lol. That’s probably exactly what happened. Xbox called on Tutu to step into an XBL office, sit on the couch and hold the controller. That’s it! And the wallpaper art in the background is probably in the “chill room” where employees go to play some games while on break.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have anything else to add! Enjoy your gaming!

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