Super Mario Nintendo Bronze Award by R.S. Owens

Nintendo Mario Bronze Trophy - Employee Award by R.S. Owens Oscar Emmy Statue 6

Super Mario Nintendo Bronze Award by R.S. Owens

I’ve seen a lot of R.S. Owens Nintendo Mario Bronze Awards before. Here’s one I found on ebay. Actually, we’ve written about this exact trophy before here. We’ve also showcased it’s sister statue here.

The Super Mario Nintendo Bronze Award has two versions, both made by Oscar and Emmy award creator R.S. Owens. To be exact, R.S. Owens just repairs the Oscar trophies so they don’t exactly make them, but this is a exert from Wiki:

The company manufactures and designs custom trophies for a worldwide market. R.S. Owens has been the exclusive supplier of the ATAS, Primetime Emmy Awards, since 1983. The company also supplies the NATAS Daytime and Sports Emmy awards. In addition, R.S. Owens supplies Emmy Awards for the International market, IATAS and selected Regional Chapter Emmy awards throughout the US.

This Bronze Mario award is made by R.S.Owens in Chicago, makers of the Oscar awards since 1938 and the Emmy award.
This award was given to a Nintendo employees at a Nintendo awards ceremony in 2008. Removed face plate with employee name from base of statue.

There are two versions of this award, this one being the second version. Great item for a collector since these statue’s do not come available often and are rare.
The statue is made from Bronze and stands 10 1/2 inches from base to top and weighs 7 pounds.

When was this award given out?

There’s been mention of this award being given out to a Nintendo staff members at a Nintendo awards gala surrounding the KiIller Instinct game, circa 1995-1996, as well as many other years, one past auction mentions 2008 where the award was given out in a gala in Seattle Washington at the Nintendo of America headquarters.


There was a few auctions I remember many years ago that had this statue for sale, but it didn’t have the base and was selling for $250. No one was buying them and it’s because the color of the bronze didn’t match the original, and people were pointing it out.

Here’s a picture of the fake R.S. Owens Mario Statue without the marble base:

Fake Super Mario Oscar Emmy R.S. Owens Award Sold Auction Nintendo

So the seller of this Nintendo statue by R.S. Owens is asking $16,000. The statue isn’t worth that much, and the most I’ve ever seen this statue go for was around $1,500. Does it mean that the statue listed for $16,000 will ever sell?

Who knows.

There’s always someone that doesn’t do their due diligence and jumps to buy an overpriced collectible. Maybe this award gained value by 10 fold, but I doubt it. If there’s no offers yet that means the price is too high and no one wants to insult the seller.

I’m sure the seller knows that the price is too high which is why they threw in a best-offer option. Perceived value is one of the best marketing tactics :).

Here’s a screenshot of the last statue that sold around the 1.5k mark:

Super Mario Oscar Emmy R.S. Owens Award Sold Auction Nintendo

That’s pulled from Game Life’s databse. If that sold for $1,526.00 in 2013, I doubt the statue would jump up to $16k in 2017.

I’s still a beautiful statue with lots of historic value. It’s an award that was given out to Nintendo employees.

It’s part of Nintendo history and deserves to be in a museum!


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Super Mario Nintendo Bronze Award by R.S. Owens

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