Super Metroid Promo, Bomberman Plush 1998, Eli’s Ladder, Zelda Goodies and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I’ve been pondering the thought if Final Fantasy collectibles has hit a plateau? What I mean is that will we see a decrease in Final Fantasy collecting in the years to come? Has the original Final Fantasy generation of collectors simply collected everything? Lost interest? I ask because as I have done searches for FF collectibles I have noticed a lack of diversity on eBay. I see less and less different unique items and it’s being cluttered by items that have no reason to be priced high. Just a few years ago I would type in “Final Fantasy Cold Cast” and I would get a variety of different cool limited edition statues. I would see the entire Chrome Collection to Final Fantasy VII Cloud vs Sephiroth Cold Casts. It could very well be a plateau and not a lack of passion. Being a huge Final Fantasy collector myself I am still willing to buy the rare gem so I think it’s just a lack of suppliers on eBay. This opens the flood gates to new competition and opportunity for those who can get their hands on rare items and sell it on eBay. We shall see within the next year if the selection grows again. With that said I have a great line up of auctions for you so let’s begin!

Video Game Auctions:

Resident Evil Biohazard Signed Autograph Art Takeuchi Ueda Capcom Contest PrizeSelling here is a rare Resident Evil 5 Art Print signed by writer Jun Takeuchi an director Kenichi Ueada. This art print was obtained through a contest held by Capcom-Europe back in April of 2011. This was a short contest posted by the forum admin in the Capcom forums. It was a 7 day contest in which you had to name the standard equipment handgun used in Resdient Evil. Even thought the contest was for one print, Capcom actually awarded prints to the first 3 people who answered the question correctly. I happened to be one of the lucky winners. It’s almost a year and I figured I would give someone else the chance of owning this rarity. Only 3 of these prints exist in the world.

Super Metroid Promo Advertising Sign – “A sign used as in-store advertisement for the Super Nintendo game, Super Metroid. This particular sign came from the now defunct chain “Software Etc.” which is now basically owned by the current Gamestop. I used to work at the local Software Etc. and I have had this in my possession ever since 1994 when it was released. My manager told me to throw it out but I put it in my car instead.

Metal Gear Solid Pamphlet 1997 – This is the Metal Gear Solid pamphlet released released during the the Tokyo game show in 1997. The cover and art work is done by Yoji Shinkawa. This pamphlet was not for sale bu given out to attendees. The images inside show Beta Graphics from MGS which is clearly different from the final version. There is also a unique spelling error as one of the text says Valcam Raven which it should read Vulcan Raven.

Bomberman Plush Doll 1998 UFO Catcher Prize – This is a cool Bomberman plush from 1998 won at a Sega Arcade as a prize. There are several different colors which the seller does have on auction. The seller also has a ton of cool other auctions so check it out.

Legend of Zelda Rare Shiek Statue – Considered a rare statue in the collection, it’s only $150 new in the box which is a great deal if you ask me.

Complete Set of Nintendo Adventure Books, Mario, Zelda, Vintage – Really cool collection which is complete of the Super Mario Adventure Books. You have a total of 14 books and the bid is only at $50 so still fairly low.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Press Kit Nintendo 1998 N64 OoT – This press kit comes with the binder, and inside you have the press info which includes notes about the game, data sheet, chronology and character profiles.

Nintendo Zelda Store Sign Display Counter Card Rare Vintage Original Promotion – A nice little standee for counter tops used at game shops across North America at the time of release. It’s in great shape and currently on auction with no reserve. Bid is at $22.

Official Club Nintendo Legend of Zelda Touch Pen Stylus – Stylus pen for the 3DS and DS. Three variations, this is the yellow pen.

Eli’s Ladder Atari 2600 Ultra rare video game Holy grail R10 Elis Ladder – “This is an amazingly rare game. There are only 10 or so known Eli’s ladder Carts on the planet. This one has a great main label, but is missing the end label. Tested and works excellent. A chance to own one of the true holy grails of atari collecting. The instruction manual and stickers it originally came with recently sold for 2k.Thanks Tony for the Submission!

4x Boxed Australia N64 Controllers – Grape, Ice, Jungle, Fire – Submitted by Glenn (Thanks Glenn). “ They are of the Australian region, the only region that saw the release of these Funtastic series of controllers in a cardboard box. North America saw them but released in plastic blister packs, whereas the other regions didn’t even get them. This should be the full set, as no other collector has been able to identify or find the last 2 remaining colors“. You can view the reference here :

Kingdom Hearts Series I Jack Skellington Malificent Darkside Donald Goofy – This is series 1 complete new in the box. Each figure is in good shape. There’s a total of 6 figures and the asking price is $400.

Opera House Final Fantasy VI Cold Cast -This is the only one on eBay however I do not know if it is complete or not. From the looks of it it’s not. It would be missing Celes the figure, the card holder as well as the serial card. I would ask the seller if those are missing. If he says they are not I would even go as far as asking for pics. If it was complete the price would be sufficient.

Tales of Monkey Island Poster Lithograph Signed Autograph by Purcell Limited PC – These were sold by TellTales in the Monkey Island section of their website. You had the option of buying it signed or not. They were only available for a limited time and are now sold out.

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Super Metroid Promo, Bomberman Plush 1998, Eli’s Ladder, Zelda Goodies and More!

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