Super Rare The Legend of Zelda NES Store Sign from the 80s

The Legend of Zelda NES Store Sign World of Nintendo Zelda II Adventure 80s Display
Super Rare The Legend of Zelda NES Store Sign from the 80s

Today’s post features an incredibly rare The Legend of Zelda NES Store Sign from the 80s. To be exact, this is the store sign for Zelda II The Adventure of Link.

Here’s the Link

I know what you’re already going to say:

Man does Link look ugly“…

I understand that many people have that same view, especially those venting out on the NintendoAge forums. However, I’d like to defend this “ugly” Link.

This is the “first” version of Link.

So it automatically wins. It’s like holy ground, you just don’t walk on it. Same with the Link picture. It’s the first Link image and can never be touched. This is the Link that everyone in the 80’s loved and bought into. This is the version of Link that helped the franchise reach for the stars.

The Link from “A Link to the Past” also had a great look, and comes second place. But when we’re talking about the original here, you just can’t beat it. I mean common, doesn’t get more retro than this:

Legend of Zelda Original 80s Look

Legend of Zelda Original 80s Look 2

Back to the legendary item in question. When I first saw it I thought to myself that it’s some custom made Link display done by a 5 year old.

Man was I wrong. Not only is this an official licensed Nintendo display, but shops would place an order for this display in a merchandising brochure.

I got that info after I contacted the seller of the Link display. I asked for more details about the item, specifically what’s written on the bottom right of the display.

The seller’s response:

Bottom right says 1989 Nintendo of America Inc.

At first I thought this was the display for the original The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System. But after the seller shared more info, I was able to trace it back to an old NintendoAge thread that B.A. posted. Here’s the LOZ sign from the brochure:

Nintendo Merchandise Brochure Scan 1989

Now trust me, I searched the web high and low for this special display and couldn’t find anything else other than what B.A. posted in the NintendoAge forums.

So as you can see, stores were able to order Nintendo signs for promotion. Just look at that one page (there were other pages for Game Boy and shelving). It’s really something to look at. If I would have ordered at least one item from this list and have it today, it would be worth lots of money, especially in mint condition.

In the brochure the display in question is the “NES M40C Zelda II – The Adventure of Link Star Display”. In the description it says:

Four-color vac-formed two-sided display can be hung from the ceiling or attach to top rail. 28″H x 22 W x 1’0. Weight 4.3 lbs. Cubic ft: 1.7.

Not sure that weightless display is 4.3 lbs but alright. This is a really, really cool collectors item and to be honest, I don’t even know what to price it.

I was able to find an old post that had this display shown in a gameroom here, but other than that I have never seen this Zelda II display for sale. This display is so rare it’s definitely rarer than the “A Link to the Past” hanging shield.

That’s the thing with Zelda collectibles. I own some from each game, but to be a hardcore Zelda collector you need to have deep pockets. Some of the collectibles are so expensive that you really can go crazy here.

Just check out the auction and you’ll see the seller has the Link display at $900. Even with all the wear and tear someone will come around and pay that much for it. It’s an incredible piece and part of Nintendo history.

I meant’s so rare it belongs in a museum!


Here are the images of the Zelda II The Adventure of Link NES Store Display. Enjoy!

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Super Rare The Legend of Zelda NES Store Sign from the 80s

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