Symphony of the Night Lithograph Signed by Ayami Kojima

I don’t normally do posts on Sunday’s unless something awesome pops up. Well one auction did; a Castlevania Symphony of the Night lithograph. It’s also Signed by the artist Ayami Kojima which is incredibly hard to find on Symphony of the Night stuff. The seller’s known to have very rare/specialty collectibles in his store and this one is no exception. I have to admit that this would be really cool to have up in my house. It would be such a great conversation starter. I just wouldn’t know where to put it! Now this incredible piece is the only one in existence how cool would that be to be the only one to own this? I’ve actually read an article about this contest that was held back in the late 90’s for this lithograph. It was a big deal back then but only Japanese citizens were allowed to enter the contest. Like the seller already mentions, the contest was to prove how crazy you were for Castlevania games. I wonder how the seller got his hands on this rarity?

From my estimation, the price is just about right for the lithograph. I mean this thing will only grow in value since Castlevania is literally a landmark in video game history. Even my young cousins who are 10 years old know about Castlevania. It’s too bad I don’t have the money to buy this. And I doubt my best-offer would get accepted. This is one collectible that will go down in video game history.

Click here for the Symphony of the Night lithograph signed

Good luck!

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  1. Kefkadomains , again , like i guessed…

    This litography was recently on Yahoo Auctions for something around 30000 Yens only , he bought it and as usual he is trying to resell it for ridiculous amount as a treasure collectible (like he used to proceed with Final Fantasy , Biohazard goods)

    Probably the worst reseller i have seen from the beginning of Ebay…

    Sorry dude i appreciate your website but i had to say that : /

  2. I agree. I’m no expert but this does not seem legit given the provided info. I was all over SotN when it came out in 1997. I’m a huge CV fan and I kept up with all of the gaming mags, websites (what little there was) and whatever else I could get my hands on regarding this game. I even called the Konami 900 number for “updates” on the game and because they had SotN merch on there that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Obviously this is a Japan only thing, so my question is why do the 2 Ayami signatures not look the same? Not even a pic of her signing it or a contest promo? I’m not here to kill the messenger, your site is great. For $13K though there should be a lot more info to justify it. It has 7 offers so either someone knows something we don’t or there are some people that like to buy first and ask questions later. I just hate to see people get duped into something and lose their money. What do you think about stuff like this?

    For reference, this is how Ayami’s signature looks

  3. Sp!nz, you don’t need to apologize :). There’s a reason we added a comment section to VGA and thats to let viewers voice their opinions (good or bad). There are even times when we learn a thing or two about an auction because someone made a comment. We also post many auctions that are overpriced, but it’s always good to let the community know of them.

    AP, haven’t gone to the same extent as you on trying to get updates on the game, but I’m still clueless on this lithograph. I am wondering the same thing as you about the offers; does someone know something we don’t? I was even wondering if this thing is even official? I think the artist wouldn’t sign something that’s fake, but is that a real signature or fake?

  4. It’s official , i can say it as an owner of this kind of collectible. Kojima also has two signatures; one in Japanese and one in English. If you do a search you can find her English signature on the web. In the lithograph, her Japanese signature is a print since it is a litho here. But the English signature is real since she had to sign this for the contest.

    I don’t know the exact context of Akumajo Dracula signed paint replicas sales but it has been probably sold during one event (i don’t think it has been sold through Konami Style website like Cave used to proceed)

    For example , i’m actually the owner of a 1 m tall Final Fantasy VI paint replica (hand signed by Amano) limited to 200 pieces and it has been bought from one of his famous “Art Vivant” exposure.

    I also own 2 similars frames from Cave (influent shoot’em up maker) but this time , it could only be ordered from their online store.

    So about Akumajo Dracula SON frame i could’nt say but it is without any doubts official.

    The hanko , kind of red circled seal as important as the certify authenticate is a proof by itself (more important than a signature in Japan)

    Of course , these limited collectibles (generally 200 – 300 pieces) are getting more expensive but it’s a shame to proceed like kefkadomains used to do and without even hiding himself.

    There is a similar seller (this time 100 % into Final Fantasy) on Ebay Uk who used to buy Final Fantasy paints that i was talking about and proceed like kefka.

  5. I personally have never seen that lithograph before but it is legit, signed and so forth. But for 12k? I can buy a new car with that! It is up there with over priced collectibles like the ff orb or the current ff VII music box for 30k or a down payment on a home…

  6. Well the consensus here is it’s legit so I think that certainly makes this one of the most uncommon SotN collectables out there as I thought I had seen them all considering the game is 15 years old. The price though is far beyond unreasonable. Maybe a few hundred but not near even a fraction of what the seller is asking. For $12K just fly out to Japan and meet the woman yourself. You will still have plenty of cash left over.

  7. “For $12K just fly out to Japan and meet the woman yourself. You will still have plenty of cash left over.” haha that’s funny. In fact I’d try and meet Nobuo, Amano etc… maybe even throw in Hideo in the mix and probably still have money left over to go to Super Potato. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t see this before if it has in fact been spotted. Probably not on ebay but YAJ. If it was on eBay I surely would have found it.

  8. Not all autographs will be the same. Japanese celebs have both Japanese and letter based autos. That link to the Castlevania trading card with the artist’s autograph is a good start to see if the lithograph is unofficial, but you can’t base all of the artist’s signings on one card where the signature is printed. Just my 2 cents

Symphony of the Night Lithograph Signed by Ayami Kojima

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