Tom Kalinske's Sonic Statue, Quake II 2 Action Figures, GTA Key to the City IV and More!

A lot of nice stuff to show you today but the the highlight of the day is Tom Kalinske’s Granite Sonic the Hedgehog Statue!. The seller misspelled Tom’s last name but it’s not like anyone will do a search for “Tom Kalinske“. Or maybe I’m wrong…

Tom Kalinske's Sonic StatueTom Kalinske's Sonic Statue

Tom Kalinske's Sonic StatueTom Kalinske's Sonic Statue

Lets get down to business. Who is Tom Kalinskie? Remember at the end of every 90’s Sega commercial there was a scream with “SEGA!”. 🙂 Well he’s the guy who came up with that marketing idea! Sure did get into the heads of mannnnny gamers! Well, Wiki says “He is best known as the president and CEO of Sega of America from 1990 to 1996, and Mattel before that. His aggressive marketing decisions during his time at Sega, such as price drops and the famous “Sega Scream” TV campaign, are often cited as key elements in the success of the Sega Genesis.”

Tom Kalinske CEO of Sega
So up for auction is supposedly Kalinske’s Sonic Statue from his office. I am not sure if this is legit since there is no credibility(pics, news, proof) except for the sellers feedback. If THIS IS in fact Kalinske’s Sonic statue……whoa…….this will be big! Just don’t know how to confirm it since it’s not everyday you see the CEO of a company talk about whats in his office. Also confirming, there is no pics of his office on the net *LOL*….yeah I actually searched that.

Anyways, it’s basically up for grabs with the idea of a statue that was once in the office of an ex CEO of Sega.

Click here for Tom kalinskie’s Granite Sonic the Hedgehog Statue!

Other Rare & Interesting Auctions

GTA Key to the City
Grand Theft Auto IV Key to the City – already sold :(. Didn’t even have the chance to list it. I knew I should of listed the first day I saw it.

There’s a couple of nice Steve Wiebe photos. One of the pics show him playing Donkey Kong while the other picture shows him standing next to a Donkey Kong Arcade, both photos are signed by him.
Duke Nukem T-shirt from 3D Realms Developer
Ultima Escape from Mt. Drash Relisted Time After Time – I really think it’s time to start lowering the price….
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Shirt – Promo shirt for only $1! But check out the shipping price

Here’s some Resident Evil Afterlife Signed Cards. I never understood why the Japanese are fascinated with the Resident Evil movies. If you take a look on Yahoo Japan they have insane Resident Evil Movie props, items, merchandise, posters all over the place and people pay lots of money for these things. I’ve seen lots of epic battles for certain props, while on we still have these stuff but no one bids on them :). Well, I never liked the Resident Evil movies, but obviously I don’t represent the population so will list these anyways:
Resident Evil Afterlife Milla Jovovich Autograph Card
Resident Evil Afterlife Wentworth Miller Autograph Card
Resident Evil Afterlife Ali Larter Autograph Card

Quake II 2 Action Figures Complete id Software Collection – These would be great to own! Love video game action figures 🙂

Good Luck!

Tom Kalinske's Sonic Statue

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Tom Kalinske's Sonic Statue, Quake II 2 Action Figures, GTA Key to the City IV and More!

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