Top 10 Final Fantasy Collectibles

Last Update February 18th, 2017 This is a VGA exclusive Top 10 Final Fantasy Collectibles list. This list is unbiased as well it takes items featured on eBay and Yahoo Japan into account for it’s rarity and price. Opinions may vary but this is arguably the most accurate, up to date list on the net. This list comprises of all Final Fantasy games and officially licensed products only. Scarcity and demand are used as tools to gauge the ranking of the item itself. I have extensive knowledge in this field which is the reason I am writing this.

This isn’t about the history of Final Fantasy as a series or “quirks” and “facts”. It’s collectibles only. Some items are hard to gauge, even though they’ve hardly seen the light of eBay or other auction sites. I do however admit I won’t be touching on items made by Square-Enix but rather before in the Sqauresoft days. This list will be updated, altered, changed as time goes on but as we have it collectibles by Squaresoft capture Final Fantasy at it’s best. Why at it’s best? Because of the people working on those games. They’re not the same as now. The stories, the characters, everything has changed, even style. As well the reviews on Final Fantasy games after “X” have not been too friendly. This goes without saying that they’re good games in itself, they do not however compare to the Final Fantasy games in the days of Squaresoft. If you disagree post your thoughts in the comment section.

So without further a due I present the Top 10 Final Fantasy Collectibles:

10: Final Fantasy Sealed Games

Approximated Price: $500-$2000

There are collector’s who will agree and disagree about having a “sealed” game considered rare. There are several reason’s for this as there isn’t a specific number put on production. No one knows for sure how many sealed games remain for a specific Final Fantasy game. However this doesn’t take away the fact that it’s rare to have one sealed. Having a game graded by VGA(Video Game Authority) above 80 is considered a good grade on the condition. The rarest of the sealed Final Fantasy games are in the earlier series like Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, and Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy X is also considered rare. The prices vary amongst these titles. Final Fantasy II has been the rarest of these titles and certainly doesn’t appear on eBay often. Final Fantasy III follows and Final Fantasy VII is third. For Final Fantasy VII original “Black” label there are a few versions which determine it’s rarity. There’s a regular factory seal without y-fold which is considered less rare of the two. The rarer version is the Y-fold with a misprint on the back of the game. In the game’s description there is a letter “i” which is raised in “masterpiece”. For Final Fantasy X the rare version is the black label by Squaresoft. The red bordered version is the greatest hits and is considered common even if sealed.

9: Final Fantasy VII Zippos


Approximate price: $70-$150 each

There are 10 Final Fantasy VII zippos in this set. Each originally sold for 10,000 YEN or $110. They usually don’t pop up on eBay as auctions rather as “Buy it now” to target the special collector. I have seen the complete set on eBay a few times and it was selling for a very high price ($2000+). Regardless of which Final Fantasy game you prefer it is a nice looking set of all the important characters in the game which are:

  • Cloud
  • Tifa
  • Aerith
  • Sephiroth
  • Cait Sith
  • Barret
  • Cid
  • Yuffie
  • Vincent
  • Red XIII

It comes as 9th on the list because it is rare but not in demand by Final Fantasy collectors. Those who favor Final Fantasy VII only will tend to want to collect these. Having a whole set is nice depending if you’re into zippos. These were originally obtainable through a magazine order like the Final Fantasy VII V-Jump that feature these zippos in the merchandise section. These were also sold in specialty stores in Japan.

8: Final Fantasy Cold Cast collection scenes

Approximate price: $300-500 each

These Final Fantasy cold casts were released in 1999 by Squaresoft, and limited to 3000 pieces each. Originally sold for $50 now have increased in price tremendously. The statue captures a scene from the Final Fantasy game. As an example the Final Fantasy VI statue depicts the Opera Scene. All statues come with a serial card numbered out of 3000 along with a card holder. All are officially licensed by Squaresoft. There are 5 statues in total:

  • Final Fantasy IV “Mt.Ordeals”
  • Final Fantasy V “Butz and Boko”
  • Final Fantasy VI “Opera House”
  • Final Fantasy VII “Forgotten City”
  • Final Fantasy VIII “Dance Scene”

7: Final Fantasy Chrome Figures

Approximate price: $50-150 each

These tiny chrome figures were released at the same time as the cold cast statues. There are a total of 28 characters in the collection all from Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX. The set looks extremely nice and includes an official Final Fantasy wooden box for display. The reason this is listed ahead of the cold cast statues is because they are harder to make as a full set then the Cold Casts. Statues are limited to 3000 and all come with box and inserts. The statues are:

  • Final Fantasy IV Ceceil
  • Final Fantasy IV Rosa
  • Final Fantasy V Butz
  • Final Fantasy V Lenna
  • Final Fantasy V Boko
  • Final Fantasy V Tonberry
  • Final Fantasy VI Lock
  • Final Fantasy VI Tina
  • Final Fantasy VI Mog
  • Final Fantasy VI Kappa
  • Final Fantasy VI Orthros
  • Final Fantasy VI Sabotender
  • Final Fantasy VI Magic Pot
  • Final Fantasy VII Cloud
  • Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth
  • Final Fantasy VII Aerith
  • Final Fantasy VII Tifa
  • Final Fantasy VII Toad
  • Final Fantasy VIII Squall
  • Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa
  • Final Fantasy VIII Koyokoyo
  • Final Fantasy IX Zidane
  • Final Fantasy IX Garnet


6: Final Fantasy VI and VII Keychain Prototype

Approximate Price: $200-$400

These also go by the name of Premium Bronze figure because it gives off a Bronze look up close. These are prototypes of the keychains made by Bandai in 1994 for Final Fantasy VI and in 1997 for Final Fantasy VII. The keychains were available in dispensers in Japan. The way to get the prototype was to mail in your insert that came with the keychain. If you were one of 500 lucky winners you received a prototype keychain in the mail with the box. For Final Fantasy VI there were two sets. One with Shadow, Locke, and Terra. The other with Edgar, Sabin and Cyan. The figures are of a rubber material on a plastic base. For the Final Fantasy VII keychain prototype it is rubber material as well, obtained in the same way and only came in one set which has Aerith, Cloud and Chocobo. A recent one on eBay without a box sold for $200.

5: Final Fantasy VII Cloud vs Sephiroth Cold Cast by Kotobukiya

Approximate price: $1000-$2500

This cold cast statue is the most desirable of the cold casts as it was limited to 1000 pieces world wide (more desirable then the original 1997 Highwind). As well it’s extremely hard to find and when you do find one it sells for above the $1000 mark. The statue depicts the final battle scene between Cloud and Sephiroth. The statue is extremely delicate. The hairs on Sephiroth can break with just a blow. Hard core Final Fantasy collector’s are sure to own one of these. Comes with box and pieces are assembled.

4: Final Fantasy VII Cardass Gold Cards


Approximate price: $200-400 each

The cardass gold cards are limited to 500 world wide an there is a total of 4 cards. Don’t make the mistake to think these are the common and numbered foil cards. The gold cards are not serial numbered and clearly state on the back of the card that they are a “prize”. They were a campaign prize in 1997 and was only obtainable through a draw which if you were lucky you were mailed a card with a letter. A complete set is extremely hard to find and goes for about $1000.

3: Final Fantasy Nintendo Power Orb

Approximate price: $500-????

The Final Fantasy Orb was limited to 50 pieces world wide. It is made of solid lead crystal with an etch of a Final Fantasy shield with a crossed axe and sword above it. The orb is signed by the artist “Kusak”. This was a prize out of Nintendo Power 1990 Sep/Oct issue 16. The orb comes with a box and certificate. Nintendo Power had a real Final Fantasy treasure Quest/Contest in it’s Maniac Mansion cover issue and the grand prize was a Final Fantasy orb. The most recent Orb on eBay is being sold at $150,000 which was dropped from $250,000. It’s definitely hard to put a price tag on this but it can start as low as $500 and can possibly go in the price range of the Nintendo World Championship gold cart depending on the collector.

2: Final Fantasy Yoshitaka Amano Litho/Serigraph Art

Approximate price: $3000-10000

Yoshitaka Amano is the artist for the Final Fantasy games. His Final Fantasy Art work has been Lithograph/Serigraph printed by Art Vivant, a professional art printing company in Japan who specializes in Lithographs and Serigraphs for artists. Most of the Final Fantasy art work done by him has been put into Lithograph and Serigraph production. I have seen his reproduced art as early as the first Final Fantasy game up until final fantasy XI. Some are harder to find then others. The more popular ones tend to sell for a higher price. Indeed any serious Final Fantasy fan definitely has one of his Lithographs or Serigraphs in his/her house on display. I’ve only seen a handful on eBay and when I do see them they are priced really high. The art work is always signed by Amano.


1: Final Fantasy VII Aeris’s Music Box

Approximate price: $2000-$3500

It is no surprise that the Aeris’s Music Box is at number one. It is desired by all Final Fantasy fans. It’s extremely rare and almost never pops up on eBay. When it does it’s guaranteed to pass the $2000 mark. Research alone on this music box can give you a headache as I’ve read several articles, forum posts, and videos about the quantity of these boxes. All arrows point to only 100 in the world. The music box plays the Aeris theme from Final Fantasy VII (Aeris is Aerith in North America). It’s a 50 note mechanical movement. You can speak to any Final Fantasy fan and know how rare and desired it is. For the Final Fantasy fans that don’t know about it soon become obsessed with it once they find out what it is and how beautiful it sounds. The price climbing and it’s only getting rarer.

This ends the top 10 Final Fantasy collectibles list. I am sure there are some of you who might disagree and that’s perfectly fine, but according to the market these are the hottest and most expensive collectibles in demand. I wanted to add an honorable mentions list but there are too many collectibles, enough to make a top 30 list.


*All pictures have been borrowed from Google image search, and ffmerchandise.

**If you want to give your opinion, feel there is missing information or incorrect information please email me (Kenji) by going to the contact page and I will gladly read all messages.

***Information has been borrowed from reputable sites.

Thank you for reading the Top 10 Final Fantasy Collectibles list by VGA

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  1. Nice post Kenji! How long did it take you to do this??

    I never knew about the Gold cards, so their that rare huh? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard about those prototype figures. Be prepared to revise this Top 10 list :), you’ll be getting many, many emails!

  2. It’s tough to pin point which collectibles should be on the list, which rank they should be and so forth, but you know how much I’m into Final Fantasy collectibles. I’ve seen a lot on eBay over the past 5 years.

  3. I think this list is missing the Seiko watches that were made.
    Theirs a FFVIII seiko watch limited to 5k and another seiko watch from the FF:spirits within’ movie.

    Me and some friends actually got some neat FF Spirits Within items from the CG artist. Really neat things to look at 🙂

    but cool list ^_^

  4. Hi Brye,

    I don’t think I’ve seen the FF VIII Seiko watch, maybe a few times in the past on eBay actually but nothing to make me think it is extremely rare, but I could be wrong. You are talking about this watch:

    I would add it but I haven’t seen a huge demand over it on eBay. Also if 5000 were made it’s most probably medium rare if you know what I mean. If it was 1000 then I can look more into it.

    For the Spirits within, although the name is “Final Fantasy”, it has nothing to do with the traditional “Final Fantasy” theme. That watch is rare too but in what context? A final fantasy context or a watch collector context? It’s the latter, as well the price always fluctuates. One period it can go high as $800, another is can go as low as $250.

Top 10 Final Fantasy Collectibles

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