Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles

Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles

Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles

Last Update July 17th, 2018 This is VGA’s first Top 10 list; a list that has been in the works for a very long time. I believed it was time that someone put together a top 10 list for the rarest Resident Evil collectibles. This is a nice list to follow if you plan on collecting some of the rarest collectibles for the game. As time passed, more and more RE items have surfaced from newer titles, however, these items below have held up strong and are still the most sought out collectibles on the market. Here are the Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles.

Top 10 Rarest Resident Evil Collectibles

Why do gamers collect Resident Evil merchandise?

Well, the honest truth is that Resident Evil Collectors are a special bunch. For them, it’s all about the good memories, the long journeys, the epic battles, and the enjoyment of victory. RE collectors buy collectibles simply to relive the unforgettable moments.

Of course I cannot speak for all Resident Evil collectors, perhaps there are characters in the game in which some collectors feel an attachment to, some sort of connection in which this fuels their passion to collect merchandise for that character.

On top of that, what other video game series offers “herb seeds” with a purchase of a memory card case so you can grow your own ‘herbs’?? This was a bonus added inside the Japanese Biohazard 3 Last Escape memory card case! Click the images below to see what I mean:

Today Game Life will present you the Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles in the world

These are the gems of the game in which some of these items cease to exist now. Your best bet for acquisition is simply through private collectors. I’ve researched far and wide, visited many forums, asked many questions, got insight from eBay sellers, talked to private collectors, and acquired pictures from around the internet to make this the most comprehensive guide to rare Resident Evil collectibles.


Resident Evil collectors should be aware of what the rarest items are. For example, the Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S. iPod Nano has only 20 models in the world, but the demand is very low; close to none. The desire to own this piece goes unnoticed, and when they popped up on eBay sold for $80, and $150.

I took a different approach in calculating this Top 10 list. Now there are many variables that I took into consideration.

The variables are: rarity, price, scarcity, availability, and demand. Also, what’s the conditions for this list? The Resident Evil collectibles have to be OFFICIAL, meaning that if Capcom is associated with the end product, it qualifies, and if Capcom didn’t make the product, it does not qualify. Also, please see at the bottom why Resident Evil 1.5 didn’t make the list.

Here is the Top 10 Rarest Resident Evil Collectibles

10. Resident Evil Official 3rd Anniversary Wine Bottle

Approximated Price: $450+

There has only ever been speculation in the World of Resident Evil about this Biohazard Wine Bottle. Now for those who don’t know, this wine was refereed too as the “Umbrella” wine. Not sure why collectors would call it this since it clearly has the “Biohazard” Japanese logo on it.

On the Resident Evil Merchandise site, there was only one description of this wine. “I don’t know much about this, but I think it is supposed to a special wine produced by Umbrella, Inc. “. Was it produced by Umbrella Inc.?? I’m not certain. On the bottle it says, “A present to you, who found a way out from the horror. But this is not the end. Capcom, Biohazard 3rd Anniversary, since 1996.”

There is no other information available about the origins of this bottle, but much like the Metal Gear Solid Wine I believe this was given to the shareholders of the game.

The auction sold for a best offer of $450. It wasn’t up for too long which means the auction didn’t get much exposure, but because I can’t put a value on it with any of my other variables the wine RE wine bottle stays at number 10!

9. Resident Evil Long Box Version for PlayStation Factory Sealed


Approximated Price: $500+

It all started here, the Resident Evil Long Box. But it’s not the fact that this is the first title of the game. What makes this item rare is simply the fact that this was the long box version, which not even the Japanese release had. Shortly after the production cost in the long boxes, Resident Evil came out with CD cased version. Typically, Resident Evil collectors search for the original long box version because of how the long box was crafted. There was more art work exposure inside and outside, thicker instructions, coupons and promos added inside the box, more details inscribed on the back of the box. These are features you did not have with CD cased games. Also, because of the history of long boxes in terms of costly productions, long boxes don’t exist anymore which makes them even more rare.

Of course there are many Resident Evil long boxes on eBay at this present moment, but there hasn’t been a brand new sealed Resident Evil Long box since 7 years now. The last one sold for $547 on ebay. I will need to stick with that price since this is the last price of it’s existence. I am absolutely certain that when an RE long box sealed appears on eBay for regular auction, it will definitely surpass the $547 mark. But till then, the RE long box sealed stays at #9.

8. Resident Evil Palisades Statues

Approximated Price: $350-$500

One of the rarest Resident Evil statues ever produced was by Palisades. Palisades created three statues, but the least rarest is the Nemesis Bust which can be found on eBay and for a cheap price. However, it’s counter parts are William Birkin & Claire Redfield. Palisades was also in conjunction with CAPCOM in which these statues were manufactured in 2001.

Both statues are limited, but differently numbered. The William Birkin statue has only 400 made, while Claire Redfield’s statue has 1000 made. These statues are one of the most sought out items for Resident Evil for two reasons. Firstly, there are only 400 of the Wlliam Birkin statues ever made and that number decreases considering how many statues have possibly broken over the years. Secondly, Palisades ended up going bankrupt in 2006 and closed their operations which in turn raised the value of Palisades toys. These statues rarely show up on eBay, and when they do they fetch around the prices listed above.

7. Resident Evil Moby Dick Action Figure Collection

Approximated Price: $700

The Resident Evil Moby Dick figures is the rarest toy collection to own. For those who never heard of Moby Dick, they created high quality Resident Evil toys. ToyBiz, another toy company who manufactured Resident Evil toys couldn’t compete with the detail, and quality of the Moby Dick figures. These figures were only available in Japan, so anything imported is always harder to find, thus more rarer and in more demand. Moby Dick do not create Resident Evil toys anymore which makes their high end toys more expensive to acquire.

In total, there were 17 figures to collect(each character figure came with a monster from the game). This 17 figure set also included the rare limited edition Nemesis Type-3 20 Inch figure. I found a picture that best represents this collection as a whole.

Moby Dick also created some sort of puzzle from these figures. Each figure you bought would hold a piece of a body part, which if you collected all body parts would create the Nemesis Type-3 figure mentioned above, however once you put the pieces together it did not look as presentable as the limited edition version, so collectors were only interested in buying this large 20 inch figure by itself.

The last set to go on eBay was around $700. Today’s closing price would be a lot higher since the figures themselves are harder to find and when you do find one it ends up being $100-300 dollars each.

6. Resident Evil Tokyo Marui & Tanaka Works Airsoft Guns

Approximated Price: $300-$650

Tokyo Marui & Tanaka Works are airsoft gun manufacturers which have collaborated with Capcom to produce airsoft replica’s of the guns used in the Resident Evil games. Most of the guns are found in Japan, but third-party retailers sell in Hong Kong (PRC), Taiwan (ROC), South Korea, and East Asia.

Specifically, Tokyo Marui was selected to manufacture Resident Evil Replica guns because its products are notable for their detail and accuracy, and they have appeared in numerous movies.

Besides the fact that all these guns are limited editions, the real reason these guns are rare is because of the “Prohibited Import Goods” law in which it is stated that “No airsoft guns can be imported”. It is against the law and this law applies to many countries such as US, Canada, and Germany. Unless you have a movie production license, there is no way to import these guns. Not only are they expensive to buy, but the availability is completely cut-off due to the “Prohibited Goods” law.

Toyko Mauri and Tanaka Works do not make airsoft guns anymore for Resident Evil. It is not stated anywhere if they plan on producing more guns in the future. These guns are becoming harder to find, and when you do find them they are listed in the price range as mentioned above.

Resident Evil Airsoft Models:

•Biohazard 2: Desert Eagle .50AE, by Tokyo Marui (1998)
•Biohazard 2: Desert Eagle .50AE 10inch Custom, by Tokyo Marui (1998 Version)
•Biohazard 2: Desert Eagle .50AE 10inch Custom (Chrome), by Tokyo Marui (2007 Version)
•Biohazard M92F Samurai Edge: Jill Valentine Model, by Tokyo Marui (1999-2000)
•Biohazard M92F Samurai Edge: Chris Redfield Model, by Tokyo Marui (2000)
•Biohazard M92F Samurai Edge Kai-C/S.E-03: Barry Burton Model, by Tokyo Marui (2001)
•Biohazard 0: Umbrella Magnum Revolver 6 Inch, by Tanaka Works (Japan)
•Biohazard 0: Umbrella Magnum Revolver Complete Set, by Tanaka Works (Japan)
•Biohazard Code Veronica: Ashford Gold Lugers Model, by Tokyo Marui

5. Official Resident Evil Character Clothing

Approximated Price: $400-$700

Capcom did something special and joined forces with Phantom Toyko to produce Resident Evil clothing. For those who never heard of Phantom Toyko before they have been given the license from Capcom to produce character’s wardrobe from the Resident Evil series. They are famous for doing Leon Kennedy’s Bomber Jacket from Resident Evil 4 and Chris Redfield’s outfit from Resident Evil Code Veronica. They also did many other outfits such as Claire Redfield’s Red Vest, Albert Weskers RE1 Remake outfit, and Leon Kennedy’s Raccoon Police Department outfit.


Phantom Tokyo is a clothing company that manufactures military clothing; the perfect choice by Capcom to make Resident Evil clothing. Each character’s clothing that Phantom created was limited to 2000 pieces. That’s not the only reason these outfits are rare. If you stumbled upon e-Capcom or Phantom Tokyo’s website, you will quickly find out that they do not ship internationally, which makes the only option through eBay or a private collector.

Resident Evil Outfits Produced:

•Leon Kennedy’s R.P.D Outfit Limited
•Albert Wesker Shirt & Vest Limited
•Chris Redfield Code Veronica Shirt & Vest Limited
•Claire Redfield Red Vest Limited
•Albert Wesker R.P.D Winter Jacket Limited
•Chris Redfield RE5 BSAA Shirt Limited
•Leon Kennedy RE4 Bomber Jacket Limited
•Chris Redfield RE Remake Shirt & Vest Limited
•Leon Kennedy RE4 Complete Outfit Limited
•Jack Krauser RE4 Military Pants Limited

4. Resident Evil Japanese Dreamcast Limited Edition consoles


Approximated Price: $800 – $1300

Japan saw the release of two limited edition Dreamcasts based on Capcom’s Resident Evil Code: Veronica game; one was a clear red Claire Redfield model that included a copy of the game and a special red VMU and also a clear dark blue model that also included the game and a blue VMU. The blue model had the Resident Evil trademark S.T.A.R.S. logo on the lid.

The Limited Edition Biohazard themed console was released to celebrate the DC version of Code Veronica. There were only two thousand made in total: 1,800 of this Claire Version and 200 of the Stars version, making them quite hard to find. The consoles were individually numbered too making this real collectors material. These consoles are extremely hard to find, and when you do find it the price to pay is approximately $800-$1300

A complete detailed description of Claire’s model below:

The Red Dreamcast(Claire’s Model) has a Red controller, Biohazard themed VMU, Dream Passport 2 (sealed), Biohazard Code Veronica game as well as AV (red, white and yellow) cable, modem cable and a Japanese power cord. Instruction manual and other pamphlets were included in the box. The console also comes with Rockford Prison metal plaque in smart presentation box. Compatible with NTSC capable televisions only.

3. Resident Evil Code Veronica Official Music Box

Approximated Price: $1600

There is absolutely no information out there for this music box except for assumptions from collectors. These collectors state that the music box was only released in Japan, close to 100 were made, and that this is an official Capcom music box.

The information I obtained was two scenarios:

1). Either the music box was given out for a mail-in order; so it was a contest of some kind which might have been featured in a magazine


2). It was a promotional item for the release of Code Veronica in Japan.

The reason I bring this to the top of the list is simply because this music box was listed on eBay around 3 months ago, and sold within 2 weeks for a buy-it-now of $1600. It was the first time I’ve seen this item on eBay even though I’ve heard rumors of it’s existence.

2. Resident Evil Official Character Watches by GSX

Approximated Price: $900-$1800

In 2001 GSX released the news that they were going to produce Resident Evil character watches from the RE remake. The first model they produced was Chris Redfield’s watch, in which these watches were only available online and opened to the public during a certain limited period. Obviously enough these sold out and so did the rest of the character watches.

These watches are rare because they follow the guidelines or “rarity(limited), scarcity, availability, price, and demand.” One of the most popular and expensive watches is the Albert Wesker watch in which I’ve seen it go for $1800, and I’ve seen a Jill Valentine watch sell for $1600 last year(Jill’s watch cost 450,000 during the 2002 release). The demand is high, and so is the price to pay.

Below is a list of all the GSX Resident Evil Character watches in order of their release:

•Chris Redfield Model Limited to 999
•Albert Wesker Model Limited to 502
•Barry Burton Model Limited to 600
•Jill Valentine Model Limited to 600
•Rebecca Chambers Model Model Limited to 300

1.Resident Evil Mansion Keys

Approximated Price: $6500+

At number one is the Rarest Resident Evil Collectible in the world, the Mansion Keys. These are one of the most unique pieces of Resident Evil collectibles ever produced. Not only is it virtually impossible to find, but the way to obtain these keys made it even harder. These keys were also authentic Capcom merchandise, and a 1:1 Scale/Replica of the Mansion Keys in the game. Basicacally to sum it up, if you don’t have these keys in your collection you better start searching(I already am 🙂 )

Resident Evil collectors who played the original PlayStation release will definitely know the significance of these keys. During the time of the first Resident Evil game, PlayStation games were highly innovated. The Mansion Keys sequence was one of these innovated new ways of playing games. It was the first time you were able to look into your inventory and see a 3D image of the item you picked up. However, the only way you knew what type of key you had was by flipping the key on it’s backside to reveal it’s symbol. There were four of these keys in the game:

Armor Key: In the Greenhouse room behind that annoying plant. This key opens the doors of the Mansion with armor carved into them.
Helmet Key: In the Plant Boss Room of the Guardhouse. This key opens the three doors of the Mansion with helmets carved into them.
Shield Key: Behind the grandfather clock in the 1F Dining Room, but you can’t push the clock out of the way; you have to put the Gold Emblem into the hollow above the fireplace. This key opens every door with a shield carved into it.
Sword Key: On the bed inside the Mansion Save Room. This key opens every door with a sword carved into.

The origin of these keys was not a mail-in contest, or given away when you bought the game. These keys were only given out at the 1996 Tokyo Game Show. When you entered the game show you were given “ONE” of these keys. To collect all 4 you had to go around the exhibition and either buy it from other entree’s or trade other collectibles that was given out.

People who received a key would either keep it; try and collect the other three; or simply sell it on Yahoo Japan or merchant stores so there was a mix of paths.

Whats special about these keys is that they are from the original Resident Evil game, not the remake. If you play the original Resident Evil and go to your inventory after you pick up a key(Helmet, Shield, Sword, Armor) they are 100% identical to the keys that you see in the pictures above.

A recent set on Yahoo Japan Auctions ended at 540,000 YEN (which is roughly around $6500). If there’s anyone that knows their collectibles, it’s the Japanese. The keys comes once in a bluemoon which is probably why that set reached a high price.

There you have it, the Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles in the world! Check below for the honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

11.Resident Evil / Biohazard Official Zippos

Approximated Price: $200-$350

Resident Evil Zippo’s cater to special group of collectors. In conjunction with Capcom, Zippo’s made their appearance from the beginning with the Biohazard World of Survival Horror Zippo. There’s many different models in which there is no known document indicating every release of Resident Evil Zippos. However, some private collectors have placed pictures of their Zippos which is quite the sight.

One of the most recognizable Zippo’s is the Biohazard Character Figure Lighters which consists of a Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. The Claire and Leon figures come with lighters; Claire’s lighter says “Made in Heaven” on it and Leon’s has a skull on it, like the secret costume you get with him in Resident Evil 2. Each of these lighters are limited to 2000 pieces.

Other Zippo’s that were made:

•We In Heaven Zippo Series
•Biohazard 3 Jill Valentine Chrome Zippo
•Raccoon City Map Zippo
•Hunk the 4th Survivor Limited Zippo
•S.T.A.R.S, R.P.D & Detective Zippos
•Biohazard 5th Anniversary Zippo
•R.P.D 10th Anniversary Zippo
•Albert Wesker Limited Zippo
•William Birkin G-Type 4th Form Zippo
•Biohazard Degeneration Claire Zippo
•Biohazard Degeneration Leon Zippo

12.Resident Evil 1.5

Approximated Price: ????

I’ve been receiving many emails from collectors who say that they are disappointed Resident Evil 1.5(or any other RE beta game) isn’t in this Top 10 list. Well, Resident Evil 1.5 has never surfaced anywhere(for sale that is). We all know the game was near complete, and we also know the story at Bioflames, but you cannot put a value on something that no one has ever seen before. There’s simply no floating beta versions of RE 1.5, so I can’t possibly put up something that doesn’t even exist. It’s hard to place a value on an intangible item.

Places I give credit for helping me with this list is: Resident Evil Mega Site, Wikipedia, eBay, Shezis Collection Heaven, Biohazard Rebirth

**If there is any additional information you might have in regards to this list that is pertinent, I would greatly appreciate it if you can email me.

Thank you all for reading the Top 10 Rarest Resident Evil Collectibles….

Game Life

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  1. Oh the joys of being an American in the NAVY stationed here in Japan. Proud owner of all the Resident Evil air soft guns and I did not spend anything near the price listed on this site.

  2. Hi Gleof,

    That is because you bought it at the original source(Japan). If you bought it now you most likely won’t get them at the same price. The prices listed on our site is the price people pay for through the middleman, and what the supply and demand of eBay say it’s worth. It would be nice to buy these guns at a lower price but you rarely get deals on them.

  3. How come “RESIDENT EVIL” “THE BOOK” is not listed? That book is damn near impossible to find……sure they pop every now and again….but so do all teh collectibles.

  4. You do have a valid point VADER, however, the items listed here have actually sold for the prices they are listed at. The Resident Evil Book is indeed rare, and can make this list but I’ve never seen it sell for more than $150, and I haven’t seen one sold recently even though there is one currently on eBay.

    But it is a hard find never to say the least.

  5. I got ya….I keep my eye out for the book every now and again, and I too haven’t seen one sell recently…I was tracking one on ebay about 4 years ago that sold for more than $700.00. I know a gal that has this book and says she wouldn’t take anything for it……although I bet the first $800, and she would say good bye to it….She also has the Japanese version of the book too.


  6. Don’t think that 1.5 would be here. I’m looking for rare Resident Evil games lately. If they remake 2 like they did with the first one hope they put 1.5 in it.

  7. Does anyone have a true value on the palisades William g2 resin statue? Been offered one but don’t want to overpay.

  8. i actually do have resident evil 1.5 on dreamcast, thru some digging found it for fairly cheap.. its a full 2 disc set, still wrapped and will never be opened… i can probably buy another at any point to play, only drawback if you have to have certain yr or modded dreamcast to play it

  9. i also from a seller in germany have the 4 mansion keys, in a glass box set for way less than the ones appearing on this page.. and mine look way better
    my collection so far is on youtube page rocky stone, just look for the weight lifting minion
    games alone i have 114

  10. Not to brag but I’ve actually got the William Birkin G2 statue, however when it was bought there was no box with it, this was bought from a shop for around 20 or 30 pounds, would not having the box make a huge difference to the selling price?

  11. 1.5 sealed? ya, those are the bootlegs that have been coming out on ebay everywhere. the original copy is the holy grail which you won’t find anywhere

  12. Their is a physical copy of 1.5 that’s been made by a fan which includes a PS1 case with booklet and 1.5 discs 🙂 I believe it’s on etsy

Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles

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