Treyarch Charity Auctions, Nintendo Repair Center Items, Brutal Legends Signed

Good morning VGA readers. Summer is closing up so try and get as much of the sun as you can before old man winter creeps in and steals the show. Arrgh summer should be longer. But on a brigther side I have some really cool auctions so let’s go:

First auctions are Charity Auctions from Treyarch. “On January 26th, 2011, Donald Barnes Jr. suddenly and tragically lost his life in a selfless act of herorim. Don was a video game artist formerly of EA Sports and Activision he was also the father of two children. Barnes had worked in the video game industry since 1996. He worked as a character modeler at Madden developer Tiburon Studios, later moving on to work as a character artist at shuttered developer Luxoflux. Barnes credits include games based on Transformers and Kung Fu Panda. He joined Santa Monica based Broodworks Inc. in April 2010.”

Charity Auctions from Treyarch: I’ve already donated to this good cause, any amount is appreciated. Here is a man with kids who dedicated his life to them and at the same time made a world for us to enjoy so let’s give back guys and girls. You can personally donate here at the Barnes Family Fund.

Black Ops Wii Signed

Black Ops PC Signed

Black Ops Xbox 360 Signed

Second set of auctions are Nintendo Repair Center items. Back in the NES/SNES days Nintendo licensed it’s repair centers out to certified/qualified shops. These shops were able to carry the Nintendo Sign “Nintendo Repair Center”, as well as have personalized staff shirts with the Nintendo logo on it as well as the shops name. I don’t know the process but I would assume it’s the licensing laws that apply. Anyhow these two auctions are from an original Nintendo Repair Center run by Rex Service which has been exclusively in the repair business (not a subsidiary of a sales organization) and family owned since 1956. (Thanks goes to Vintubes for this auction).

Nintendo Repair Center Sign

Nintendo Repair Center Shirt New

Other Video Game Auctions:

Ultima Pc Collection – Signed by Lord British or rather the creator Richard Garriott. Lord British is the ruler of Britannia in the game. Nice collectible to have if you’re an Ultima fan. It’s a signature series for sure.

Brutal Legends – This is a Brutal Legends poster signed by no other then Tim Shafer himself… you know… the guy who worked on Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, two of the greatest Pc Games EVER made????

World of Warcraft Collector’s Edition – This is an original, never used, World of Warcraft that dates back to 7 years or more. The auction is currently around $1255.

Sega Dreamcast Half Life Case – Wow this is probably the most expensive case for a game ever. It doesn’t include the game. I didn’t know this but Half-Life was suppose to be released for the Dreamcast but never did. This case, from what the seller says, is from the Sierra Head office right before they were sold off by Ken and Roberta Williams. Nice piece of Sierra history.

Playstation RPG Lot – I always like listing these types of lots because they can sell of cheap sometimes and they always contain some great titles. Ps1 RPGs are among one of my favorites so if anyone is looking to start a fast collection lots are always the way to go, you save time and shipping.

2 Great Sega Saturn Games – Panzer Dragoon Saga and Burning Rangers, how can you go wrong?

Mega Duck Creatronic Handheld – The Mega Duck WG-108 is a handheld game console that was produced by several companies (Creatonic, Videojet, and Timlex), and came on the market in 1993.

Beyond Shadowgate – Great title for the Turbo Duo or PC Engine. Game always fetches a high price.

Zelda Link Statue Gold – Seller lives in France. It’s a great deal but shipping to North America will be pretty high.

2009 Pax Twisted Fate Skin – Unused skin from League of Legends.

Halo 2 Legendary Stein Mug – Yup it’s official from Bungie, in fact it’s on their “Favorites” list for Halo Swag.

Left 4 Dead 2 Launch Kit – This is such a cool launch kit, seriously check out the details. Comes with a Bloody detailed bat, post cards and more.

Space Quest Collection Complete – The first original compilation of all Space Quest games after Space Quest V. They soon released Space Quest VI which is a phenomenal game. Great series. You go Roger Wilco!

Nintendo 64 Promo Pen Set – A nice, elegant Quill pen from Nintendo probably given to employees.

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  1. I’m lovin’ that Halo 2 “Root” beer mug :), but man… it was at $100. I sent the guy an email saying that was to high for me, so he put it down to $80, but now it’s up to $200?!?
    Well, altogether it would have been too expensive for me. I can actually get a custom engraved mug for about $30. $12 for the mug, and $18 for the engraving (because I want some crazy stuff on it). The actual mug looks exactly the same as the Legendary stein.

  2. Ya the Halo 2 mug is nice, but $200 is a lot for it. In that case custom is the way to go and I’m sure the mug you can get customed would be identical to the stein in the auction.

Treyarch Charity Auctions, Nintendo Repair Center Items, Brutal Legends Signed

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