Two Items… Many Questions

I came across the following two items a while ago and spent more than while puzzling over them. Maybe people reading this can shed some light or more information on these two brain itching puzzlers. I know a bit about one of them, but the other is a mystery… Check them out to see what I mean…

Famitsu 832th Anniversary DVD – What I do know is that Famitsu is a very popular video game magazine in Japan. The Fox on the cover is their mascot Necky which makes sense. But, why does it say 832th Anniversary? Not only does it say “832th” rather than “832nd” but, anniversary!? Anniversaries are supposed to be annual; as in once a year! 832 years!? I’m thinking it actually means 832nd issue… but why would that number be important? Another thing is that this DVD (which contains videos from various games in the PS2 age) is listed on eBay as an item that was never for sale. So, where was it distributed? With the 832nd issue I guess. It may just be a weird joke 😛
Famicom Family Computer Toy Card – I have no idea what this is. I spent time trying to find an answer, but the item doesn’t seem it exist anywhere outside of this auction. If anyone reading this post knows something about this, please comment! Even more unusual is that in the details of the auction, it’s listed as being the last one in exisitence. This would explain why I can’t find more information on it lol. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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  1. A lot of the confusion is lost in the translation. Let me further explain… Japanese sellers usually sell on Yahoo. eBay tried to take over that market in the beginning of the new millenium but they failed and Yahoo triumphed. Sometimes you’ll have Japanese sellers who sell their items on eBay to get more exposure for their items, on Yahoo it’s only within Japan.

    Why is this important? Well the reason why Yahoo is only in Japan is because most Japanese sellers don’t want to ship internationally. There is a language barrier and sellers don’t want to deal with that BUT some sellers don’t mind selling on eBay. By doing this their translation gets all messed up. So for example “Last 1” in the second auction only means “his” last one in stock.

    For the first item that says “Was never for sale” simply means “for promotional use, not for sale” meaning it was used for promotion by stores or whatever and wasn’t items for sale. We have that here where on some merchandise it says “Not for Sale” like promo cds or what not.

    You were right about the 832nd “ISSUE” and not anniversary, the seller again just made a translation error.

    This is very common when dealing with Japanese sellers on ebay. I personally don’t mind it as I’m use to it… it’s like second nature.

  2. Ya but “832th Anniversary” is printed on the box. You’re probably right about the “last one” bit though. He still says it’s ultra rare… and seeing as how I can’t find another one, I’ll take his word for it lol.

  3. The words that he uses are general ebay and auction jargon like “ultra rare”, “limited edition”, “one of a kind”. I see these liners being used on regular Super mario NES carts that start at $.01. The “832th Anniversary” is a classic example of Japanese –> English translation. With several items that I have from Japan you see it all the time. Still the post is extremely informative which brings awareness on this sort of thing.

    Now as speculation can continue, I don’t think the first auction is “rare” like the seller says. It might be a desired edition but then again I’m further speculating. I can say the second auction is indeed interesting since it’s a “Bomberman” by Hudson Soft from the Famicom days. The scratch looking cards look interesting. If I were a Nintendo Specific collector I’d go for it.

Two Items… Many Questions

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