Ultimate 3DO Collection, Super Mario brothers 3 Jacket, Mark Meltzer Mask and More!

Todays post is more about “interesting” auctions rather than incredibly rare sought out collectibles, but we do have some exceptions. I also got a new computer and I am trying to get use to it. I am bringing this up because I had like 5 quality auctions that is missing from this list because the god damn bar tabs are so sensitive that I kept closing tabs by accident, and now I forgot what auctions disappeared. Damnit!!!!

First up is this really cool Mark Meltzer Mask from Bioshock 2. Now I remember the Charity Auctions for Japan had a bunch of these exclusive masks on eBay. I’m not sure how many masks 2K Games listed on eBay, but I know they all sold for an insane amount which was good for the Japan Relief fund.

The seller of this Mark Meltzer mask says that these masks were sent out through an online virual campaign that 2k Games created for BioShock 2 between 2009 – 2010. So I can imagine not many of these exist. The seller says” “Fans of the game were able to visit a website to follow the story of a character named Mark Meltzer, who later made an appearance in the actual console video game. A fun fact for you: Originally, Meltzer wasn’t supposed to be in the console game, but the designers decided to add him in as an extra character due to the popularity of this online alternate reality game, or ARG for short”. It’s an interesting collectible to own especially if you have a couple of masks already lined up.

Another exception to my opening comment is this Ultimate 3DO Collection that was submitted by our friend Aaron (Thanks!!). I loved the 3DO, and I was the only one out of all my friends to own one. I have to admit that I was a little spoiled when I was a kid but I never asked for anything. It was all given to me from my dad :). Needless to say, 3DO is one of the consoles where I would LOVE to own the complete library. Well right now on eBay there’s an auction that is close to that. This is the ENTIRE US Library which is insane, and that’s not all that’s crazy. Check out the price! At $6000+ with 3 days left I guarentee that this will only increase in the upcoming days. I mean when was the last time any of us saw a complete US collection of 3DO games? I also feel for the seller as it’s a hard decision to let go something you spent half of your life building. Here is what the seller has in his description:

This is the Ultimate 3DO Collection up for auction. In ten years, there has never been another 3DO auction that comes remotely close to this collection. Actually, there has probably NEVER been another 3DO collection like this up for auction on Ebay. In the past ten years or so, there have been maybe 3 or 4 large 3DO collections up for auction, but even the best of those were still 70 to 80 games short of a complete US library. Additionally, the games they did have were missing many of their long-boxes. They were also missing many of the rare titles.To start with, this auction includes the ENTIRE US 3DO library – IN BOX. There are over 180 titles in this lot. Every 3DO game that was sold in long-box format is included in this auction WITH its long-box. As some collectors will know, there were a limited number of 3DO games that were not sold in long-box format, and those games are also included in this auction. These types of games include the Woody Woodpecker titles, the adult titles, the Tom Kite mail-in disk and various sampler/demo disks. Virtual Vivid is the one adult 3DO title which was never packaged with a sleeve or long-box. All of these non-long-box titles that were originally sold with cardboard sleeves include their respective sleeves in this auction. Again, every US 3DO release, demo, and sampler is included in this auction with its original box or sleeve.

Other Video Game Auctions:
Mafia II Lamp – Here’s a cool item that was submitted by our friend Neo. Seller says: “Here we have the mega rare mafia 2 promo gun lamp which was not available to buy anywhere in the world! Limited edition of 200 and this is individually numbered as pictured .2k sent this to select press prior to release of the game and even snoop dog has one!No lampshade, this is a US 2 pin plug but works on UK plugs with a simple US to UK plug adapter. Condition is very good there is a slight row of Chips along the base about an inch long.”
Assassins Creed III/3 Steelbook Employee Launch Kit Promo Press Kit – “This is such a rare find. It’s virtually impossible to find this kit in complete and overall good condition. You have to keep in mind that this is the kind of item that doesn’t typically survive. It’s usually either parted out or discarded all together. So the fact that this example is complete and in overall great shape makes this an exceptional item. This would truly be a jewel in any fine Assassins’s Creed collection.I had a couple of these kits available, but I sold them quickly to two of the top Assassins’s Creed collector’s on the planet. This is my absolute last complete kit and I’d wager dollars to donuts that you’ll likely never see another one in this complete condition ever again.I’m also quite confident that not too many of these kits were produced in the first place. Factor in that most of these kits have either been destroyed, are incomplete, or are already in private collections; and you can begin to appreciate just how special this piece truly is.” – Thanks PJ!!
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Factory Sealed Case – This is a neat auction to look at, but to bid on it would be a different story. Definitely not worth the listing price, but it is still crazy rare to see a sealed case of Lunar 2 games. I dont know how many fans would want to buy this and just resell it after as there probably not a lot of Lunar fans hanging around to make your money back or more. Still a cool sight though.
Diddy Kong Racing~Nintendo 64~Promotional Item– I remember seeing this in Nightram’s (webmaster of Videogamemm.com) collection horde and I always wanted to buy one. Well now here it is but like last time when I tried to conseal an auction I wanted tyo bid on, it got posted on here by someone else so no use in hiding auctions anymore haha! Great price in my opinion although I am not sure if the string comes with the plush to make it mobile.
Nintendo Super Mario brothers 3 Game Play Counselor employee jacket 1990 – I am shocked that no hardcore SMB3 fan clicked the buy it now, but I suppose they are waiting behind the scenes for a last second bid. Man this jacket is the definition of vintage (next to those blue Atari jackets we post on here). But really, this has got to be the coolest jacket I have seen in quite some time. Seller says: This Nintendo Super Mario Brothers 3 game play counselor jacket is incredibly rare. Given only to employees of Nintendo, rumored to have been given to the nintendo employees who worked the 1990 nintendo word championship. if this is true then these jackets are almost as rare as the grey and gold cartrages that were also from that legendary tournament in 1990. You may never see this jacket again…. or at least for a long time ;). the jackets is in great shape. Its a 36-s-38, but being a super rare collecable who would be crazy enough to wear it! I forgot to mention that there is only 5 HOURS LEFT!!!!

Asteroids folder from Atari
Myst Calendar – this is quite a rare sight
California Raisins 1989 Capcom SALES/MEDIA KIT Captain Commando – I want this bad. Too bad the price is too much to handle for what it really is.
MEGA MAN Fall 1991 Capcom SALES BROCHURE – Same seller as above.

Good luck!


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  1. Funny, I’ve seen (and bid on) one of those Mafia II lamps. It went for around $40 :), I lost at the last second 🙁

  2. I don’t know that the Assassins creed kit is as rare as the seller makes it out to be. There were at least 4500 sent out to all the Gamestops in the US to use as a marketing kit. I would imagine the seller is right that quite a few of them were parted out and employees took one or 2 cases for themselves, but even then…I have to imagine there are still at least 1000 or so bare minimum out there in circulatation. The reason you don’t see very many pop up on ebay is that Gamestop employees…at least when I worked there lost their jobs if they caught you selling promo items on ebay. $500 is pretty steep.

    I also have the diddy kong racing plane and there must be a flaw with those propellers. Mine has since lost its propeller too. I kept mine though I think. I think I put it in Diddys seat. lol

  3. People don’t have $6706 to spend on video games unless you’re a store who’ll sell each individual game. Cool auction to look at though.

Ultimate 3DO Collection, Super Mario brothers 3 Jacket, Mark Meltzer Mask and More!

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