Unloading my watchlist – So many goodies

Good morning VGA readers, it’s a lovely day and I have a ton of auctions for you. I was busy for the past week but today I have accumulated tons of auctions on my watch list ready to be revealed to you, the readers. Not only do VGA readers get the latest scoop of what has appeared on eBay, they get a chance to see a variety of items daily! I promise there wont be a Stadium Events listing hehe 🙂

So let’s get this ball rollin’

First auction is for a crazy rare Faceplate and Commander Shepard Statue. It’s new and nothing has been removed. The box has some light wear but nothing damaging to it’s value. There’s only 2500 of these statues, but the cool thing is he’s on auction and it’s at $305 with 3 days left. Can’t miss out on this.

Next auction is for a Marvel vs Capcom 3 set of shot glasses. It comes in a box set and was exclusive to the launch event in San Francisco on Feb 10th. The set has characters from Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Ghosts N’ Goblins. It’s on auction now for $6 with two days left. It’s a cool collectible to get your hands on.

Last auction I will talk about is the Snow board Challenge for the Nintendo Pal Version. It’s currently at $515 with one day left. I don’t get it nor will I do the research on it because we’ve come to the conclusion, and it’s quite obvious, that any Nintendo game that surpasses the $200 mark is considered rare but this one seems like a regular Snow Board game, although exclusive for the PAL version and it’s in Spanish? I don’t get it. But hey passions are self explanatory.

Other SUPER COOL auctions:

Tactics Ogre Tarot Cards: Devil worshiping brought to you by Square-enix? Not exactly.

Doom 3 Demon Figure 1997 : Wow this brings me back. I’d love to buy this.

Texas Chainsaw Masacre Atari: It’s currently at $405 on auction. There’s another one also on auction for $225

Bonk 3 Turbo Grafix Hucard : Pretty rare my friends, I need to buy a Turbo Grafix.

Miner 2049er Atari: Another rare Atari game for showcase. It’s on auction at $175.

Chip ‘N Dales Rescue Rangers 2: This comes boxed, without booklet though. Still I need to buy this!! I loved the first one. I remember my dad bought it for me when it came out after renting it several times. I beat it the first day I got it. I remember because my sister told me not to tell my dad we just beat the game heh.

Bioshock official needle pen : Looks like a syringe 😉

Silent Hill 3 Promo Soundtrack Signed by Yamaoka: I don’t get why people don’t show pictures of the autographs?

Metroid Prime Pins: At first glance I thought it was Super Metroid! But then it was prime…

Bionic Commando Patch : Promo from the Ps3 version. It’s cool how the patch captures everything about the NES game, the colors, the symbol. I want to buy this and patch it on my jacket, how pimp would that be?

Nintendo Seal of Quality Sign : It’s on auction starting at $89

Professor Layton Rubiks Cube: Riku might get his panties wet for this.

Counter Strike Poster: Nice

Mega Man 2 Hand Held: It’s only $4!

Xbox 360 Power logo Rug: Cool I guess, I think someone should take it a step further and make an Xbox 360 Power Chord or a controller battery pack as a rug.

Metal Gear Solid Special Edition Demo: Pal Version, still looks cool.

Bully Ps2 with Dodge Ball: Come on you gotta get the dodge ball!!

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Unloading my watchlist – So many goodies

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