Vampire Kiss Pal, King’s Quest 1-6 Boxed PC and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. I’m unloading my watch list from today with some general auctions. Nothing too exotic, more or less some rarities and some auctions worth taking a look. If you have something to say post it in the comments section. Enjoy!

Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo SNES Castelvania Vampire’s Kiss – BOXED with Instructions – Submitted by Romain (Thanks!). This is the Pal version of Dracula X if I am not mistaken. The screenshots are exactly like Dracula X.

Kings quest 1 2 3 4 5 6 all boxed near mint condition PC 1990 vision – This is the complete set (minus part 7 and Eternity but those are easy to get) of PC games from 1 all the way to 6 and they’re complete. An amazing price for a historical set.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64 Collectors Edition with extras) – When you bought ocarina of time back in 1998 it came in a Zelda bag with a tshirt, and some other promotional stuff.

Nintendo NES book 1989 Double Dragon II Megaman 2 Ultima Zelda Mario Bros. 2 – This is an old Nintendo Strategy book. I had the very same one growing up. My dad bought it and I never read it. I just brought it around with me because it said nintendo.

Sega Saturn Game Lot , 103 Games, All Unopened and Sealed, Rare – Huge sealed lot for the Saturn, the only thing is the titles aren’t so hot.

“UNUSED” 6 PCS. Super Nintendo SNES vintage game console PAL – I don’t know if someone found a factory with abandonedSNES Pal consoles but I have seen these pop up quite frequently.

NEO-GEO MVS TO AES SUPER CONVERTER II – This allows you to play MVS cabinet NEO Geo games on your home AES console.

Sierra Tsunami – GeekWad Games & Orignal Art Work – This auction is for an extremely rare lot of Tsunami studios games and original art. If you do not already know, Tsunami was founded by several members of Sierra On-Line that had left and was very short lived. There games are rare to come by and so is the video game art.

Mario wind up toy Super Mario Bros. – It’s a Mario wind up toy sealed from Japan. I’ve seen these go for all sorts of prices

D’s Diner (3DO) Rare Limited Edition Japan signed by the legendary Kenji Eno – “No. 23 of the 100 copies Kenji Eno signed for the press during a 1994 press tour in Japan. It’s been in our (GameFan) office ever since. Not sure what the transparent red lens under the signature reveals (too scared of cracking the jewel case) but knowing Eno it’s something cool. Condition (after 18 years) is excellent. Has some minor surface scratches (if held at an angle in the light) but is new condition otherwise. The game, instructions, and various promo cards have never been removed. Eno took risks that reverberate to this day. Of the limited pieces we’re selling from our collection this is among the best. Eno didn’t just sign it, he branded it.

Metal Gear Solid Gold premium pack Shareholder signed and sketch This has been signed by Kojima and Yoji it also has a sketch of snake that Yoji did. This was signed at the Uniqlo event in London for the 25 anniversary

POKEMON SNAP STATION KIOSK SIGN STORE DISPLAY WORKING 100% – I’ve seen this in person at a game store that has a bunch of old kiosks. It prints an image of something, I just don’t know what.

World of Nintendo sign/display – A really expensive World of Nintendo Display. Still nice looking and in good shape.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty 3D Floor Standee – StarCraft II standee disassemble. Never had a chance to play StarCraft II, but I was a huge fan of the original SC on the PC.

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Vampire Kiss Pal, King’s Quest 1-6 Boxed PC and More!

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