Video Game Press Kits, Bioshock Wine Bottle, Gran Turismo 5 X1 S.Vettel

Yesterday I made a post about press kits released for journalists, media, game developers and so on. I also spoke about how this sparked the “collector’s edition” in today’s market. So today I will be featuring some press kits as well as some auctions submitted by our friend Joseph.

Let’s start off with the Bioshock wine bottle. This is a Worley Winery Promotional Wine Bottle. The win bottle was part of an event held on the beaches of California (Jones Beach) where the wine bottles were spread around. There is a video of the event if you have time to watch it you can visit it here and it’s made by a gentleman by the name of Geekquisite who documented the event from his side of the story so you’ll get more info on the Wine Bottle. Inside the bottle are rare posters. This auction comes with a poster of the Wine Bottle which is cool. Starting bid is $200 and there is a reserve price on it. Submitted by Joseph

Next auction is for a Gran Turismo 5 X1 RACE CAR – S.VETTEL which is the holy grail of GT 5. I’m not familiar with it as I didn’t play GT 5 (I have played previous GT games but not big on racing) but you need to play countless hours and finish the game, it’s extremely hard to acheive so the seller is suggesting bidding on his auction so you save hours putting into the game. I think that’s a reasonable trade off. The bids currently at $242.50. Thanks Joseph!

Press Kits:

Gran Turismo 5 Press kit – Just ended at $495! Guess someone really wanted this one. It’s one of the nicer Press kits.

Conkers Bad Fur Day Press Kit – This was featured in one of our previous posts. Nice N64 press kit.

UFC Undisputed 2010 Press Kit – This is a nice looking press kit. The cage looks nice, in side you get a bunch of goodies when you remove the mat like a UFC fighters glove, t-shirt, cards etc…

Ratchet and Clank Press kit – This one’s at $270. It comes with 3 discs, two of them “special discs”. I don’t know that’s high for this press kit but looks like someone wants it bad…

Socom Ps2 Press Kit – From the same seller as above, this one has some goodies with a headphone. Asking price is $150.

Last auction I will feature is a cool Neo Geo Collector’s Box set which includes the soundtrack from the Fatal Fury games, 2 art booklets which are just character descriptions, as well as a cool Neo Geo hat. Buy it now $279. These 5th anniversary box sets are pretty rare. There was a Street Fighter II version up which just recently sold.

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Video Game Press Kits, Bioshock Wine Bottle, Gran Turismo 5 X1 S.Vettel

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