Virtual Boy Collection, VGA Graded R.O.B, MineCon Items and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I’ve got a lot of cool auctions for your viewing so sit down, relax, sip on that coffee or tea and enjoy the auctions below. I’d like to talk about owning a collection, and as many of you readers know Rome wasn’t built in a day so anyone looking to build on their collection or even start knows it takes dedication, time, energy and everything else into building something you cherish later on. I can finally stand in the shadows of my room and look at my empire of a collection beaming with spot lights, and appreciate the years it took to build this. The good feelings I get just from stepping into my room and seeing items that are sought after, desired, and limited on a global basis. It’s healthy for the soul and I’m sure a study can conclude it lowers blood pressure and all the good things that come with it. Imagination should be something that never leaves our lives. People focus on goals that deter their imagination. I say have a healthy balance of the two.

First auction is for a Myst Advertising Poster. It’s very rare and limited to 500. It was used as a backdrop for an interview Rand & Robin Miller did for CBS. It’s signed by Marcus Badgley who designed the poster. There is slight water damage at the very bottom of the poster but it does not affect the appeal of the rarity this poster holds. Was it a great game? Not great but for the time it was breakthrough. It really represents a pivotal era in gaming history where latest graphics we’re being introduced and this was definitely a milestone. It reminds me of the good days of PC gaming when the computer was the giant in the realm of Video Games(Yes people argue Pc games are not “Video Games” but if it’s a game and you play it on a screen then it’s a Video Game).

Other Video Game Auctions:

Minecon Creeper Glow in the Dark Figure – “1 of 500 Un-opened MineCon Exclusive Limited Edition Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl Creeper Figure. I purchased two of these, one of which I shipped the my home through FedEx and the other was in a checked bag. The one that came with me on the plane was completely crushed, so I only have 1 to sell. The box is a bit damaged and warped from the FedEx ride, but I assure you that the figure inside is 100% undamaged. The box itself is signed by several members of the Mojang Team, including Notch (Markus), Mollstam (Tobias), C418 and Jeb_ (Jens).”

Call Of Duty: MW3 Autographed Poster (Midnight Release) – As I play this more and more I find how annoying it is they didn’t make Search and Destroy the focus of the game. It has an average point system so less people play it. This was where the meat and potatos were in the very first Modern Warfare. All I’m left with is dreaming how amazing the first one was and how much fun I had with it. P90 for ever!

Minecon Staff T-Shirt Signed – Something that doesn’t show up everyday. A signed MinCraft shirt by a whole ton of people, do check the auction for the names as I don’t want to repost them here, wouldn’t make sense to flood the screen.

Halo 3 Launch Wristband – This would technically be a charity auction in the sense the seller is raising funds for his game project so it’s a win-win scenario for we gamers and his project, but the price is a little high for what it is.

Little Red Hood Complete NES – “HES – Home Entertainment Suppliers were an Australian Company who released Games for the NES back in the 80’s. All the carts were black in colour as opposed to the grey standard Nes cart. There are also 3 main variants of carts that exist being Piggyback, DGL & Standard Flat cart.”

Metal Gear Solid Risk Board Game Collector’s Edition – Good comes to everyone with Patience. At one point this was selling at $200+ after it was sold out, but all the re-sellers who bought them (wonder how many actual collectors purchased this) realized that eBay is getting flooded and are now forced to sell it at a much less profit margin. Thank god for competition 🙂

Nintendo VIRTUAL BOY collection – It appears to be the entire collection with 33 games, accessories and more. You also have cases and memorabillia.

Nintendo NES R.O.B NIB Brand New VGA 80 – Wow someone actually sent this to VGA to be graded, pretty nuts and it’s rated “80” which is nice to see because how many of these are around in excellent shape? Probably not many.

Virtual Boy Key-Chain Nintendo Promotional Employee Gift – Cute little Virtual Boy Keychain. I’m a fan of keychains and search religiously for cool game keychains. The older the better, especially if they’re from the SNES era.

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Virtual Boy Collection, VGA Graded R.O.B, MineCon Items and More!

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