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Warning! Do Not Buy A Ledger Wallet Through Third Party Sellers – Amazon, Ebay

Warning! Do Not Buy A Ledger Wallet Through Third Party Sellers – Amazon, Ebay

This is a fair warning to anyone that’s wanting to buy Ledger Wallets from a third party seller. Do not buy a ledger wallet from places like Amazon, eBay, and classified sites.


We are currently going through one of the biggest fraud cycles in the digital space, and it has to do with buying cryptocurrencies. Since the spike in early October, hundreds of thousands of new traders / investors have entered the crypto space due to the attractive gains one can make with cryptocurrency.

This has lead to an increase in something called “crypto hardware wallets”. Hardware wallets are tangible USB keys that you can store your cryptocurrencies on. There are many different types of crypto wallets out there, however, the Ledger Wallets are the most popular.

With new traders / investors educating themselves on crypto buying best practices, most have flocked LedgerWallet.com to purchase a hardware cold wallet.

Top Wallet

The most popular Ledger Wallet is the Ledger Nano S, which has been sold out for weeks now. The rest of the wallets have then followed; all being bought out within a week. If you go to LedgerWallet.com, you can only preorder their wallets. This is the message you will see:

Currently out of stock. Order today and get prioritary shipping from March 26

Do Not Buy Ledger Wallet Nano Blue From Third Party Sellers - Amazon eBay 2

With the lack of inventory from Ledger Wallet, investors are starting to buy Ledger Wallets from third party sites like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, etc…

This is the worst thing you can do.

1). You are not sure if the wallet has been tampered with. Sure, Ledger Wallet claims that their hardware wallets are bullet proof. But there are more sophisticated hackers out there that can play around with the actual hardware device.

2). After these hardware devices have been tampered with, scammers can reseal the packages. You’re probably saying, “how is that possible?”. It’s easy to do with commercial plastic and a heat gun. The famous example comes from eBay where one seller was selling NOS / old popular games that are incredibly rare, but were factory sealed. One individual decided to do a test and buy the sealed game just to open it (collectors buy these games to keep them sealed). Upon opening it, he revealed that there were thumb prints on the manual, and the game looked used (even though the factory seal was dead on). So trust me, packages can be re-sealed with ease.

3). The lack of knowledge on utilizing this device will become the ultimate culprit. These scammers can program the device to with a pincode already in place, and the phrase codes already written down. A newbie might think that this is standard procedure. Here is an example of a tampered Ledger Nano S where the device was tampered with: Link.

Cautionary Measures

There are more scams happening daily and you need to educate yourself. One of the place you can go to for more information would be this Reddit Page.

I would strongly advice you to preorder your wallets from the site directly (LedgerWallet.com). And no, I don’t have any affiliate links running. I believe that watching each other’s back and protecting each other through shared experiences and knowledge is far more precious than earning pennies from a referral. The THREAT is real and everyone should be aware of it.

There are other alternatives to storing your cryptocurrencies, such as Trezor.io.

Please be careful with your cryptocurrencies and always do research when something sounds fishy, or your gut is telling you otherwise.

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  1. thanks for the heads up. ya its prettyy crazy all the people getting robbed by buying sketched out ledgers. im not dumb tho

Warning! Do Not Buy A Ledger Wallet Through Third Party Sellers – Amazon, Ebay

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