White Desmond Hoodie, Press Kits, Rare and Random Promos

There are times when a collectible is casually released at a low price and the fans respond in such a way that would be impossible to predict. This hoodie, for Assassin’s Creed fans, holds such quiet cool that they have boosted it’s value ten times it’s original buying price. I admit… I’m one of them. This would be such a cool thing to have and wear in public.

White Desmonds Hoodie – The seller’s price is based on the huge demand for this sold out hoodie, but it’s still too high. Make no mistake, this is a serious buy. If you are willing to put down the money to own one of these, I suggest an offer of $700. That may put the seller on the spot to wonder if his price will actually bring in a sale. If you’re turn down, wait for them to put it back up again and try again. In time… it’s yours. There are a few hoodies out there but this is the most valuable so far. Riku posted an auction yesterday (from the same seller) for the black eagle hoodie which is a close 2nd in value.

Here are a few more auctions that caught my eye. It’s all promo stuff and I’m betting there will be more than a few readers who will be seeing something for the first time…

Resident Evil 5 Tricell Progenitor Virus Press Kit – Press kits can be very thin with content, but Capcom really went for it with RE5. This kit is packed with cool stuff.

Xbox 360 Press Kit – It’s funny now to look back at this press kit to see Microsoft pushing the game Kameo which was a clear attempt to push back at Nintendo. Kameo is a forgettable game, but it’s pretty good. This kit marks the opening to what Xbox 360 has become today.

Blue is Back Sonic Promo Mouse Pad – A random promo from Sega post-Saturn. It’s the kind of thing that if someone saw it, they would ask, “Where did you get that?”.

Halo Promo Pen – This pen was given to the seller by a Microsoft rep for helping to set up an Xbex kiosk. It actually lights up with battery power.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Message Card and CD Promo – Included in this promo package is a CD-ROM that I personally haven’t seen in use. If any of our readers can offer more info, I would love to know.

PlayStation 2 Promo Frisbee – Why a frisbee? Please tell me Sony… why? lol. It’s a bit worn but it’s as random as it gets. Can’t go wrong with $2.

Star Wars the Old Republic T-Shirt – Here’s a very cool t-shirt in top shape. Size is medium. The price is crazy but the seller is taking offers.

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  1. The Assassins Creed hoodies will probably be restocked at the ubiworkshop. If you really want one, I’d suggest just waiting to see if they do restock. Those hoodies are listed as being open editions, meaning that they can be restocked. Anything listed as A countdown edition at the ubiworkshop will not be restocked.

White Desmond Hoodie, Press Kits, Rare and Random Promos

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