World of Warcraft Easter Eggs

When playing World of Warcraft, it doesn’t take long for you to come across a reference to some aspect of pop culture. It’s great fun finding these Easter eggs hidden throughout the world; especially when it’s a reference to something you really like! The fact is that there are dozens of these if not hundreds… Today I would like to mention a few of them that you may not expect to be in a role playing game.


World of Warcraft is a game made by gamers (which is why it’s so great). Knowing this, it’s easy to understand that Blizzard would include some noticable Nintendo references…

Check it out, It’s the Mario Bros! Actually, these characters are named Muigin and Larion lol. Notice they are holding hammers? This is a clear reference to the hammer from Donkey Kong that Mario (a.k.a. Jumpman) uses to stop barrels. Speaking of barrels, there are also gorillas that sometimes have empty barrels on them when you loot their corpses. The zone you can find the Mario Bros in (Un’Goro Crater) also has a random drop of a Red Speckled Mushroom which can be eaten. Unfortunately it doesn’t make you grow… but, in the picture for the item, the mushroom clearly has two black dots for eyes 😛

Look familiar? This Link character who goes by the name Linken has a really cool chain of quests you can do. He says that his memory is gone and you do quests to help him get his memory back. He talks about remembering a raft (the raft from Link’s Awakening?) and the quests require you to rather a map, a key, and a compass. In the end you get a triforce-like item and he rewards you with his boomerang and master sword! Awesome! There’s also a character that says his pet (named Dadanga) hates smoke. This is a reference to the character in the Legend of Zelda who says “Dodongo dislikes smoke”. Also, there’s a gnoll named Miblon who says “Grumble Grumble” when you talk to him. You need to give Miblon a piece of ham to open a gate.


There are many more video game related references in World of Warcraft, but let’s take a look at some of the movie related bits…

This character’s name is Egan and if you talk to him, he will give you his blaster so that you can go free the ghostly souls of Stratholme! Yup, this is a reference to Egon from Ghostbusters. There’s also another NPC in the game named Harold Raims which is similar to Harold Ramis (the guy who played Egon in the movies). Also, in the Temple of Zul, there’s a boss named “Zuul the Destroyer” and Zuul is the evil god that the Ghostbusters take down in the first movie. Could there be more? Yes! In the Undercity, there’s a quest where you need to catch ghosts using small mechanical traps. Want one more? In Stormwind there are three mages that warn you to never cross the streams because… it would be bad lol.

On the left is Tyler… on the right is Edward. Deep in the Undercity, they fight it out while the others around them cheer them on. Marla and Chloe can also be found in the crowd. Have you figured it out? Hell yeah, it’s Fight Club! Edward is a reference to Edward Norton who is the actor who plays… uhh, well, I don’t want to ruin the movie for those who haven’t seen it lol. Another reference to this movie is a weapon which is actually called a “Fight Club”.

The Hanzo sword is easy to connect to a movie. The Hanzo swords in Kill Bill are priceless samurai swords made by Hattori Hanzo (who is a reference to all kinds of things himself). But, how many people know the Six Demon Bag? C’mon people of the 80’s! It’s from Big Trouble in Little China when the character Egg Shen explains the bag he’s carrying is called the Six Demon Bag and contains “wind, fire, and that kind of thing”. I actually looted this item in the game once and it’s a lot of fun to use. It has a random spell effect which is normally lightning bolts, but it can also summon temporary pets!

Well readers, that’s enough for now. If you haven’t played World of Warcraft yet, maybe learning that the game is full of this stuff may make you want to play! For those who do play, feel free to comment on the other references you know of that you found really cool.

Game on…

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World of Warcraft Easter Eggs

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