World of Warcraft – TCG Loot Cards

In the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, you can sometimes find loot cards in a pack of new cards. Loot cards have a code printed on them which is hidden under a scratch-away strip on the face of the card. This code can be used in the actual World of Warcraft game to get cool and crazy items. Most of these items don’t have any real effect in the gameplay and are just for fun. Others however are very useful such as in-game mounts your character can ride!

Paper Airplane – This will give your character a Paper Flying Machine Kit which can make 5 Paper Flying Machines. If you throw one of these at someone, it will follow them and eventually land in their inventory! Then they can throw it to someone else. This can be fun to do if your group starts to get a little too serious during a raid.
Paint Bomb – This one gives you paint bombs that can be used in PvP situations. You throw the paint bomb at an enemy player and they get covered in green paint. It lasts 15 minutes or until they wash it off in some water. It’s a great insult to cover someone in paint and then rip them to bits lol.
Slashdance – This one gives you 100 Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.s which can be thrown anywhere. Anyone caught in the explosion of streamers and confetti with begin dancing! This is often used in big crowds around the mailbox or auction house. You can see who isn’t any fun when they cancel out the dancing right away (awww).
Sandbox Tiger – Here’s a chance to brighten up a place. This Sandbox Tiger can be set up anywhere for 3 minutes and anyone can ride it! It’s like one of those horses on a spring kids ride in a park.
Statue Generator – Ever wish there was a statue in the game honoring your character? Well that’s exactly what this Instant Statue Pedestal does! Well actually, it turns you into the statue itself. Try to pick a cool spot when you use this and take a screenshot!
Papa Hummels Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit – If you feed this to your non-combat pet, they will double in size! Then some noobs will ask where you got a giant pet lol
Centre of Attention – This loot card actually gives you an epic purple shirt. If you activate it while wearing it, you will give a sparkling flex which should cause more than a few people to look I’m sure.
Tiny – As the name suggests, the prize from this loot card is tiny. It’s a tiny mount actually. If your character is Alliance, you will get a tiny horse. If you’re Horde, you get a tiny raptor. I’ve actually never seen one of these in the game, but I haven’t played in a while.
The Footsteps of Illidan – This is great for intimidating everyone around you especially if you’re a Warlock. As you walk, you will leave a trail of green flames behind you.
Landro’s Gift – Even though this is a common loot card, it could end up giving you something great. Inside is a random item! You may even get an epic mount…
Path of Cenarius – Similar to the Footsteps of Illidan, this one makes a trail behind you. Instead of flames, you leave a trail of flowers and other natural growth. It’s great for a Druid.
Disco Inferno! – The auction house can turn into a disco with a click of a button here. People will dance instantly around this spinning disco ball! Awesome…

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World of Warcraft – TCG Loot Cards

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