Xbox 360 Gift Plaque,Resident Evil Fan,Link to the Past Jigsaw Puzzle

Searching for today’s video game auctions took longer than usual. eBay seemed dry in the sense that all the amazing stuff has already been posted on VGA, but I managed to pull some needles from the haystack and got some quality listings.

I received an email a couple of days ago from a fellow video game collector who asked VGA “why do we post Japanese collectibles?“. I never received a question like this before and perhaps after all the different type of questions I’ve been receiving I should make a FAQ section.

Everyone has their own tastes & ways of collecting video game memorabilia. Some collectors don’t care about anything outside games, systems and accessories. Other collectors only care about obscure items such as rare press items or those limited edition statues. Then there are collectors who like everything and also appreciate collectibles from Asia(predominantly Japan). Also, the reason gamers collect anything from Japan in the first place is because it’s collectors heaven over there. Some of the rarest and most interesting video game collectibles come from Japan. Also, some of your favorite video game releases never had much merchandised released in North America which is why gamers look into the Japanese market to find things releated to specific titles. You can find collectibles for games such as Shadow of the Collosus (limited edition package, mini figures, books, posters), Ghost & Goblins (official t-shirts, model kits, board games), Phoenix Wright (special edition game packs, in-game items such as handkerchiefs) and so forth. Even some of the best super Mario and Legend of Zelda collectibles come from Japan. I even forgot to mention games that were only released in Japan such as Radiant Silvergun, Rendering Ranger R2 or even the recently featured Quiz Chibi Maruko Chan Deluxe (which supposdely sold for $3,999.00!).

So as you can see, there’s great reason to showcase games and merchandise from Japan as there’s plenty of interest. If this isn’t your thing don’t worry, there’s some amazing collectibles released in this part of the world and VGA tends to showcase everything, not just one branch of collecting. So I hope this answers the question and if anyone has any other questions don’t hesitate to shoot Kenji, Akira or me an email :).

Now moving on with todays video game auctions, we do have a mix up of items from all parts of the world as well as all genres. First up is this Xbox 360 Launch Team 2005 Edition Console with Gift Plaque. We featured one of these gift plaques (or trophy) a while back here. I know that auction ended for $455 since the auction listing hasn’t expired yet, so I’m curious how this one will go. The seller says that “These were given by Microsoft to an IBM employee who worked on the development of the semiconductors for the Xbox 360. First is the console dated 11/02/2005 with the Launch team faceplate and everything else original in the box as shown.Very rare is the clear resin trophy console plaque with 4 Xbox computer chips in it. On top are the names Microsoft, SIS, IBM, tsmc, NEC, and ATI. All the chips look original with their labels, on the back of the largest chip is the SN0332 serial number. On the bottom in green, hard to see in the last photo because the camera focuses through it are the words: Thank You, Xbox 360, Semiconductor Technology Team.” Sellers right in the sense that Microsoft didn’t go crazy with the “gifts” for the employees who worked on the development of the consoles so this is quite the rare gem. Will this auction get the $2k it’s asking for?

Other Video Game Auctions:

Suikoden 2 VGA Grade of 85+ Gold – This is one game I never played, but supposedly it’s right up there in the Top 10 RPG’s. I remember that Suikoden 2
sealed games alone(without the grade) went for $500+ at one point in time. Now they barely reach over $250! But, it goes to show you now that collecting has evolved where if you don’t get a game graded it’s not as valuable. It’s obviously logical when you think about it but I wonder how long this whole Video Game Authority era will last. Will it always be appealing even 10 years from now to buy a sealed game that has a grade? Since there’s a legitimate(yes I finally accepted Video Game Authority lol) grading system I believe it will be around for a long time.
Bio Hazard Hand Fan sealed – This item comes from Japan originally however I was never certain as to the origins of these “fan” type collectibles. I’ve also seen them for other game franchises. Seller also doesn’t mention anything about it’s history other than the fact it’s from Japan. Upon further review, the back of the fan says “Biohazard Nightmare” which was an actual amusement park of everything Biohazard. Imagine how cool it must have been to go to this Resident Evil theme park??
The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past Jigsaw Puzzle – Any item that’s official from the “Link to the Past” will be valuable. How valuable is subjective, however, I’ve never seen this LTTP puzzle before. It’s from Japan which isn’t surprising since I’m sure we didn’t get anything of this sort here at the time of release, and I believe it’s from the 90’s judging by the artwork(although it’s not necessarily a proper metric). The puzzle’s made by Tsukuda Original and would look fabulous pieced together/framed. There is a “Make Offer” also.

Also, seller utahmountainrose has a bunch of vintage Intellivision auctions running now which are all quite low for the time being. Check it out:

Imagic Games for Intellivision – Fathom – “Included with this offering is the very rare Fathom game. The cartridge, instruction manual, overlays and box are in excellent condition. Game has been tested and works perfectly.”
Intellivision Synthesizer and New Melody Blaster – “This was the only game ever made for the Intellivision Synthesizer Keyboard. It is a very hard to find this game and especially new in its original factory wrap”
INTV games for Intellivision – “You are viewing a collection of nine (9) INTV games made for Intellivision. These games are not as common as the first series of games made by Mattel for Intellivision. Rather than listing each game one at a time as normal on Ebay this collection is being offered in one lot.”

SILENT HILL 3/NEW Robbie The Bunny Plush Toy – Custom made obviously
1982 Original Pac-Man Atari T-Shirt – It’s listed as “New” and only $0.99
Alice Mc Gee life size statue American EA Electronic Art – “Knife version”.
Tekken Tag Tournament Custom Belt Buckle – Look at the beautiful NAMCO display box!

Good luck!

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Xbox 360 Gift Plaque,Resident Evil Fan,Link to the Past Jigsaw Puzzle

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