Yahoo Japan Super Mario Auctions

Good day to you all. One of the things I wanted to do with the site is to showcase auctions from Yahoo Japan. We all know the best video game collectibles come from Japan; that’s a fact and you can quote me on any given day! Most of my collection is from Japan and all the rarest items in the Video Game world is from Japan.

Anyways, here are some unique and rare Super Mario Auctions on Yahoo Japan:

1).Gold Super Mario Statue – I own one of these, and for some reason ever since this Gold Mario entered my house all I have been getting is Good Luck! Honest to god! Right now he’s at 15,000 YEN. Mario also comes with the “base” which is hard to get complete. I believe this was used in video game stores around Japan, but I am not sure from which Mario game(I’m not going to guess). One thing I love is the translations, they are always so awkward. Seller says: “Shop for sale golden statue of Mario. The material, FRP think. ください。Minor scratches, Le Costume, clove (bottom, see 3rd picture), and therefore such people who are nervous and concerned about, please refrain. ノークレーム、ノーリターンで御願い致します。 No claim, no thank you in return. wow…

2). Super Mario Bros. Official Chair – The title of this auction translated is “Super Mario thing was chair“. It’s an official chair from Super Mario Bros. game on the famicom. Size – 66cm width 38.5cm height of about 39cm deep; 6.1k Weight – about 6.1k. Shipping won’t be pretty.

3). Super Mario Pins complete in box

4). Super Mario World 3 T-Shirt Used – Can anyone can find it in their heart to adopt this poor t-shirt? Seller says this T-Shirt was “Limited Edition”. Too bad he didn’t take care of it.

5).Super Mario World Eraser Box Set – ““BANDAI 1991 MADE IN JAPAN” and I printed. The new unused, out of the box Sure, dirt, there are some tan. Please check the image.Box Size: approx 30.5 × 5.7 × 2.8cm.” Whats neat about this item is that you get two Super Mario World coins!

6).Super Mario Bros. Junior Golf Set – “New unused. Driver 1 Wood, Iron (5.7.9) … each one is a set of one pattern. nintendo. The face and the head of an iron mario, nintendo contains the logo.Is a new unused item, for things of long ago. I think that the nature and deterioration. The very unusual thing, what this state would probably not get. Mario is recommended to those collectors.” Check out the price tag….

7). Club Nintendo Super Mario Hand Fan – This auction ended already, but there are plenty on Yahoo for even cheaper. I am guessing this is the newest JP Club Nintendo item you can purchase with your “Gold Coins”.

8). Super Mario World Swinning Pool Boat for Kids – Brand new “unused product”. 2,500 YEN

9). Super Mario Bros. Collector’s Pin Set USA – Seller says: “It is rare even among the many exhibit!”

10).Super Mario Kart Painting Picture – This is brand new and at an excellent price of 1,000 YEN. Box has a little dent but otherwise A-O-K!

11).Super Mario Bros. Playing Cards Brand New – Seller says these are 25 years old! Man does time fly…

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Yahoo Japan Super Mario Auctions

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