Zombies Don't Play Soccer, 1988 Super Mario Comforter, Final Fantasy II Sealed SNES and more!

Good morning VGA readers. I’ve got some cool auctions today and I’m excited to see how this Final Fantasy II auction ends. It’s already at $4000+! Is this for real? I mean it’s not even VGA rated which probably gives it the mysterious charm that is hasn’t been claimed by the monsters at Video Game Authority head office(or mom’s basement). Another auction I really like is the Gears of War 3 Cog Snub Pistol, really cool and if I wasn’t on a budget I would buy it now at $300. Enjoy the auctions and if you have anything to say post it in the comments section.

Video Game Auctions:

Bailey School Kids – Zombies Don’t Play Soccer PC CD Audiobook Scholastic – It’s more an Audiobook than a game but I found it in the video games category and liked the title. Only $5 what a deal!

Mario Party DS (Nintendo DS) NEW SEALED MINT VGA U90 – Submitted by Joseph(Thanks man!). It’s a VGA graded 90 Mario Party for the DS on regular auction.

Buried in Time Vintage PC Game – Mint – Shrinkwrapped – Impressive from 1995, I remember seeing this game in computer stores for sale back then. I never picked up the box, but I do remember seeing the cover.

Vintage old Sega Sonic Pin Collection of 24 different Pins – If you collect pins you know how hard it is to get all these. For $200 bucks it saves you the headache of getting all of them. I don’t know if these are sets or not but it’s a lot of vintage Sega pins.

Vintage 1988 Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Indoor Slumber Bag/ Comforter – I am so tempted to buy this. It’s from 1988 and brand new. I would have loved having this when I was a kid, would have sucked me more in the Super Mario reality that I was already deep in.

Nintendo Power 5 Year 50 Issues Collector Pin With Card – This is still intact with the card for $39 bucks. Sweet deal.

Custom Framed Vintage Zelda: Link to the Past Nintendo Power Poster – I like how the seller added the frame which gives it a nicer look and jacks the price. In fairness the frame is probably the total cost of the auction. Nice poster to choose for framing.

NINTENDO POWER MAGAZINE HUGE LOT NES RARE ISSUES AND STRATEGY – Impressive Nintendo Power lot on auction. It’s at $425 but check out what you get. Tons of rare guides with the beginning issues.

EarthBound 2 Mr. Saturn Dosei san GIANT plush JAPAN – I remember these selling for more than $500 when it hit eBay.com. Now it’s a little less, and on auction for $350. New in box so if you’re an Earthbound fan and wants this try and bargain with the seller for $300 shipped.

Final Fantasy II (2) Super Nintendo SNES factory sealed brand new – Huh? It’s at $4150 with 3 days left. I know this is the rarest of the Final Fantasy titles sealed, but for $4k it’s impressive that it’s in so much demand.

Gears Of War 3 Cog Snub Pistol Replica – This is an officially licensed product by TriForce. It’s brand new and never opened, just cool looking. As a GOW fan this would be on my radar of things to get.

GEARS OF WAR 3 Cole Train Hot Topic – It’s a GOW 3 Cole Trashball shirt. I remember playing the multiplayer map “Thrashball”, cool layout. I don’t think this is official so if that’s an issue don’t buy it.

Halo Master Chief Life Size Statue 6 Feet Tall RARE Video Game – Funny seeing these things in garages on auctions. It means it’s collecting dust, when once upon a time it was purchased based on the glorifying image of it being displayed in the game room and friends drooling. No friends, no game room = selling it on eBay.

GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 PROMOTIONAL PHOTO VIEW KEY – It’s the complete set of photo keychains. Look inside and the magic. These were promotional pre-orders.

BioShock “Rise Rapture Rise” promotional record – “A rare BioShock-themed promotional giveaway: A 45 rpm single that contains the Rapture anthem on both sides. To my knowledge this has never actually been played, and my own record player has long since given up the ghost“.

1990 Final Fantasy III Promotion Art Works Yoshitaka Amano – You don’t see Final Fantasy III promotional items most often. This is a set of postcards I believe rather than art images. You know it’s old when it says “SQUARE BRAND” on the back.

America’s Tuned In To Nintendo promotional brochure store – A brochure Nintendo Sales reps would have on them in the 80s.

Video Game Collection Wii NES SNES PSP PS1 PS2 N64 Dreamcast Saturn XBox – What an insane deal for this lot. Really take a look at what he/she is selling.

Metal Gear Solid art books signed collection by both Kojima and Shinkawa – Any Metal Gear fan should be astonished at the amount of art and signatures there are in this lot. I can just imagine if I saw a lot like this but for Chrono Trigger.

HALO 4:SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION SIGNED SOUNDTRACK.No.143-NewThe Special Edition is available in a limited quantity, each exclusively numbered.

Fallout PC big box, 1997 Interplay RPG complete w/ manual and soundtrack disc – From 1997, and yes Fallout existed back then, it wasn’t just for the xbox 360 or playstation.

BIOHAZARD SOUND CHRONICLE II/Capcom Soundtrack 6 CD’s Resident Evil – This is the second set of the original Chronicle box set.

Big Rare Collection of Games and Systems. Fr Nintendo-Dreacast-Gameboy-PS+More – “Enough is enough, I want to get rid of everything, f*** it”. The final words as I would have imagined.

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Zombies Don't Play Soccer, 1988 Super Mario Comforter, Final Fantasy II Sealed SNES and more!

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